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Now that the changes have had a few weeks to settle somewhat I wondered if people would be open to sharing their thoughts on tactics, what they like or do not like PK wise only. This means no pve please as that needs a separate thread.

In terms of how I feel I am still struggling to grasp it to be frank as I have only had 3-4 hours to look at the skills thus far due the holiday season. Although what I have tested is ok I suppose. It is not Bloodborn and that is apparent as it was slowly faded away the last 18 months bit by bit. This is very unfortunate as it was a brilliant class.

So what advise is there?

Anyone want to share logs?

What are peoples feelings regarding the class at this point?

In the other thread @Valingar shared this advice but thus far it is not holding up in 1v1 as nothing sticks. Anyone care to add to this:
During spar testing, tended to go like this:

- Insidiae is the heaviest aff route. I like this the most, probably because it was easiest to use. Blood poison + Pillar can grab you a lock, if given time to pile on affs to supplement Poison. You might not even need the Pillar, if you get in a good Poison. You can probably also grind down blood levels with Deadbreath + Feed, while using the slowdown to curing to maintain the physical aff needed for you to Feed.

- Phreneses seems to be aimed towards supporting a different blood-drain route, with Spew being comboable with slashes. It's a bit trickier. You could do like asthma+noblind+nodeaf in a single attack while Spew is off cooldown (15s). If you do that while they're off on their curing balances, they have a choice on their next eat: eat to cure asthma and avoid being locked on your the next attack, or eat to cure noblind and avoid mesmerize. If you get a mesmerize in on a no sileris target (Deadbreath before the Spew combo or run a sileris strip minion), you can Feast for a massive blood drain (not sure how it scales, but seemed to be almost 50% blood drain.).

- Rituos seems like a pretty traditional vampire mana drain route. Pile in lots of affs, wear down sip pools, then Seize (basically same as Mindburrow but with better mana damage scaling per aff). Familiar stuff.

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    So, I fight as Insidiae because it allows me to use Affinity with Coribhell when we bash. However, it also seems a really solid PK route as well. If you can load up on affs (which I do fairly regularly), throw up Blood Poison and have Trepidation on, you'll pretty much lock anyone or you'll mana kill them long before hand with a mental minion. I've beaten a fair few people in 1v1 combat with more ease than I did pre-revamp. Because with a mental minion, you can now affect mana levels while your slashes drain hp, bringing it in line with an old Bloodborn style, but still not quite like it.

    All in all, I'm liking the new revamp. If you want actual specifics, contact me IG and I'll tell you what I do. I don't want to spread it out on forums because its something I've worked hard at :). Hope this helps! :)
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