Being possessed is a tough gig

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So, after some conversations back and forth, the Illuminai were to choose a new Patron until such a time as Ethne's return.



Aithene moves quietly to the altar within this alcove and she knees down before it, "Lord Dhar," she calls out, breaking the silence, "I have spoken with the Raotimab of the Illuminai in regards to making You our Patron," she continues into the space, her voice unnaturally dampened by her close proximity to the altar, "Before I make it official, I would like to know if You would accept such and honor us with Your Patronage in Your Sister's absence."

The slightest traces of a thin white mist creep into the room from the east.

As silence falls, Aithene keeps her eyes forward and on the altar. Even as the mist creeps into the room, she remains silent.

The mist rises from the ground and forms into two misshapen eyes which stare silently at Aithene.

Camile stands silently as she watches on.

Aithene tilts her chin up, regarding the oddly shaped eyes silently before her golden gaze dips respectfully towards the ground.

The eyes shift shape into the loose form of a humanoid hand, which levels a finger at Aithene. Unable to maintain its presence in the world of the living, the entirety of the mist dissipates gradually into the air.

Though the mist is gone, you could feel something tugging at your consciousness.

A chill courses through your veins, and you could feel the Underking's presence at the edge of your consciousness, testing your willingness to receive Him.

As the mist dissipates, Aithene's eyes close fully and she settles on the cold ground. Her head tilts to the side, towards something unseen and she inhales deeply before exhaling and becoming completely still. Completely receptive.

You are suddenly, and painfully possessed by the Underking. Your thoughts and actions are still your own, but His influence is undeniable.

Aithene twists and contorts unnaturally, and perhaps painfully, clearly unused to inhabiting flesh. "Greetings," she speaks with the distorted tones of Death itself.

You look down at your own hands, feeling distinctly perplexed by them. But, still feeling the need to look at yourself somehow so that you may be properly addressed by the Thing within you.

Camile watches as Lord Dhar posses you "Greetings Father".

Aithene's back stiffens before she shudders deeply, "Lord," she ushers in her own voice, trying to remain relaxed.

You convulse terribly, the pain of Dhar's presence within you physically unbearable.

You say, "You wished My presence?"

You feel nothing but the Underking's painfully icy presence within your body. Your eyes burn with white essence.

Aithene's golden eyes flutter as she struggles briefly with the possession and her own voice is rough, a slight pant passing with each word, "Patronage. You... Approve?" she gasps and shudders again.

Distorted, you say, "Certainly, and temporarily. Though, a choice to remain with My Sister for aesthetics is equally acceptable."

Droplets of blood begin to trickle down from your nostrils.

Aithene touches two fingers to her upper lip, each movement shaky, "Mm," she grunts as she inhales deeply again before coughing as pain shoots through her body, "Aesthetics are... not what is important," her eyes roll back and she wipes the blood onto the back of her hand, "Faith is. We would be... Honored to have You as a Patron," the glow of her eyes completely lack the usual amber hue when they open again, "Even temporarily," she finishes on a dry rasp.

You agonizingly retch as your body attempts to forcibly reject the Underking's overwhelming presence.

Camile steps closer to you ready to catch you if she falls. She nods slightly agreeing with you.

You say, "I cannot pretend to fully comprehend the minds of mortalkind, Dhienari. But, I would be pleased to assist your Illuminai in what ways I may."

Aithene falls forward and onto her hands and knees as she coughs, this one eliciting blood that dots her whitened knuckles, "I will be there... To serve. Help, You, help u-us," she stammers now as her teeth begin chattering, her body quickly deteriorating, "Thank... You," she wheezes before another fit of coughing.

"Go on, then," a raspy voice echoes out from the very depths of your soul. You feel that your flesh cannot contain Him much longer.

You humbly choose Dhar as the patron of your guild.

Your brain feels as if it is about to explode, and you reach up to clutch at your head in pain.

Camile kneels down next to you and pulls a cloth from her pack. She wipes your hand before handing you the cloth.

(Illuminai): You say, "J-join me in welcoming Lord Dhar. Our current-- Patron. Raheno, Lord."

(Illuminai): Phendegwen says, "Welcome, Father."

Raspy and dark, you say, "Go with Death at your side, mortals."

Traces of white essence leak from you as you feel the Underking's presence being painfully torn from you, causing you to collapse, entirely drained.

(Illuminai): Camile says, "Raheno, Father."

(Illuminai): Niika says, "Greetings, Lord."

(Illuminai): Aryanne says, "OH! Quite! Iht! Welcome about up! Splendidly lovely as ever a think, Mister Lord, God Dhar Underking, Sir!""

(Illuminai): Noelle says, "Welcome, Underking."

Aithene's groan of pain turns into a manic little screech before she left gasping for air and in a cold sweat, "Thank You, Lord," she stammers around chattering teeth again.

Camile reaches out her hand to help you up to your feet.

(Illuminai): Dhar says, "Hail, Illuminai. May your goals be realized and your ambitions be heightened under My guidance. Else, I have failed you."

(Tells): From an unseen place, Noelle communicates to you, "He got ya, did He, Dhienari?"


He got Aith good. That was awesome fun, thank you @Dhar


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