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Simply because I wanted to be the first person to post to this category! :-P

Az has of course made a come back, I've been playing him for roughly 3 or 4 months again after a 4 year leave of absence. Slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things while trying not to be the donkey that he use to be. If you've interacted with him lately what have your thoughts been?


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    Ladrana likes him. He's more of an idle-bot than anything, but when he is around, it's amusing. One of the few people in Nebre'Seir that actually logs in to do more than check messages and the who list, but that's rare.

    I don't think they got to meet more than once in person, and the RP was so short that I can't even remember what it was about.

    OOCly I <3 You <3
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    Az taught Sol a lot to Sol when she became Overlord underneath him. She's always held a deep respect for him, and that definitely hasn't changed. He's a very strong character that definitely was missed, by myself personally, and I am glad to see you back.

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    I do admit that I idle a bit; most of the time I'm sitting there and working on something else on another monitor and reply to things as I see them. I have came a long ways since returning in trying to make sure that I get back with folks in a more timely fashion that's for sure.

    At the moment Az has a lot going, he recently took over the Ministry of Security for Bloodloch which takes a lot of his time, but he's also working on finishing tasks for the Indorani, as well as tasks for Nebre'seir, and having recently joined Ivoln's congregation there are more tasks to complete - so he has a full plate to say the least.

    My main goal since returning is trying to mellow Az out a bit while also keeping a small portion of his hard nose old school ways. Old folks are hard to change, but I don't want Az being a [sharp object] all the time anymore. So we'll see how everything goes!

    Also thanks Solaria! You've always been a favorite of mine and was happy to see you were still playing when I came back...even if you did go lifer!
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