Capture the Flag

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I wasn't fully sure where to put this but this is just an idea that is floating around that has gotten a lot of fun feed back.

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(Mass: Ezalor, Areka, Moirean, Wylliam) OOC Message: I was talking with many people from different cities about Capture the Flag and how only the Divine can set that event up in the arena and the idea of hosting an outside the arena event that is close to it could be really fun. I understand there will have to be lots of set rules and etc. but I wanted to check and see if any of the cities would even be interested in it as a whole before bringing the idea to Raz and if we could do something with it. I haven't thought out fine details yet but I would make sure to set up plenty of rules to make it so the game would be 'acceptable' but fun. Feedback?

I only sent this to city leaders right now because I normally don't go to the forums but I want to see some more opinions. Please don't make the feed back comments like 'worst idea ever' this event wouldn't fit everyone and I get that.


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    I guess the only reason it ever really stopped is just that turnouts are seldom consistent. Since it's an every city event they usually just host them rarely or as parts of special events now. It used to be scheduled for like the first whateverday of every month. (Friday?) After the howling. If you like SCHEDULED something and maybe people were showing up in equal enough numbers (Always a rare proposition) It might be fun.
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