A new Initiate of the Ritual Chamber

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Initiates of the Ritual Chamber:

With the approval of the Council of Shadows and after having gone through the requisite rites, an Initiate may be approved as an official sire.

An expansive chamber of bloodstone and basalt.

Arching columns of ruddy, intricately carved bloodstone support a high ceiling of inky basalt. The open expanse steps down with widely spaced platforms, leading in increments to a hollow in the center. On each tier, bloodstained channels are incised into the dark stone, all sloped in a spiraling pattern to allow for flow to the middle. Roaring tiger's heads are mounted on the four corners of the walls, mouths filled with flickering fires, casting long shadows throughout the expanse. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A quartz fountain is here, caked in dry blood. Lying flat on the ground is a key-shaped sigil. Milvushina Bahir'an is here.

There are no obvious exits.

probe fountain

Whole jagged pieces of crystal quartz make up the entirety of this three tier fountain. The crystals are coarse and opaque in color. The quartz, while rough, forms a large perfect circle for the bottom tier, the second tier rises up from the center of the first and from there a smaller third tier. Each tier is a flawless circle and the bottoms have been smoothed out to hold liquid. Above the third tier, the center rises to a punctured top, where liquid can be pushed out to cascade down the jagged crystals. The entire thing is filled with blood, causing the opaque color crystals to stand out vibrantly against the dark liquid. The blood seems to filter through the fountain by some unknown force. A large piece of polished quartz crystal has been shaped into a tiger, which has been perched upon the edge of the fountain. Blood flows down through the tiger's back paws and into the fountain.

It weighs about 2500 pound(s).

The blood of bahir'an sloshes about in it. (57 sips)

You have emoted: Sarita leads the way directly to the fountain and lightly passes her hand over the head of the quartz tiger perched on its edge. Almost as if sensing her nearness, the stone seems to stir to life, a gleam entering its eyes that seems to be more than just a trick of the light.

You say to Milvushina, "This will hurt a little. Come closer."

Milvushina follows close behind you, her focus on the fountain and flowing blood. Her expression is quizzical and she arches her brows just so, inner thoughts clearly at work. Upon hearing your request, she turns to to you and steps closer.

You have emoted: Sarita watches Milvushina carefully for a moment before turning her eyes towards the fountain again. "Flowing here is a mixture of blood gathered from the veins of those who are in the House, those who slumber, and those whose Blood have been passed on to others. All are or have been Bahir'an, and this represents all those individuals whose Blood has made Bahir'an what it has become today."

Milvushina clasps her hands in front of her and listens to you intently, her gaze drifting back to the blood. "I've seen nothing like it."

You say, "Just as we all once gained great strength and power from the Blood of our sires, so too do we share that strength and power with our own childer, yet this fountain represents a great deal more than that. By sharing a House, we share our strengths with one another, benefitting one another with our knowledge, our combat prowess, our skills. You, Grand Duchess Milvushina of our House Bahir'an have shared your strength with us already, and now you offer us your own Blood as well."

You have emoted: Sarita's lips twitch upwards briefly at Milvushina's words, but lapses into silence, eyes drifting back to Milvushina now.

Milvushina snaps her attention back to you, remaining silent as you speaks. Hearing her own name, she inclines her head and drops her gaze, demonstrating her humility hearing your words.

You have emoted: "Let the blood of your veins flow into this fountain now," Sarita says softly, taking one step away from the tiger's head. She beckons Milvushina forward. "It thirsts for you."

Milvushina drops her arms back to her sides and turns back to the fountain, taking few steps to close their distance. She observes the flow of the blood for a brief moment, then examines the structure's tiers. Finally, she sets her gaze on the perched tiger, lifting her hand to place it upon the quartz crystal figure.

Milvushina gingerly touches a polished quartz tiger, an idle finger sliding down to a tip of the statue's sharp tooth. A sudden movement catches your eye as she thrusts her entire arm into the mouth of the tiger. A cry of pain escapes Milvushina as the maw of the creature clamps shut about her limb. The jagged quartz teeth digs into her skin and draws blood, which flows down the tiger's crystal throat and into the fountain below.

You have emoted: Sarita's eyes follow Milvushina's movements, and when the blood in the fountain has finally stilled again, she lifts one hand over its basin. Again seeming to respond to her although she doesn't touch it, the blood seethes within, as if stirred by an invisible spoon. When she lowers her hand, the liquid takes a moment to settle, and she finally says, "Drink now, and the Blood of Bahir'an will truly be what you share with your childer. Your own Blood and strength will dominate their senses, aye, but that of their Housemates and ancestors will will touch them as well."

Having extracted her arm from the tiger's mouth, Milvushina instinctively draws the limb close to her chest and clenches her fist. She looks startled, but voices nothing. Although listening to you, her attention hardly breaks from the quartz creature until she is told to drink.

Dipping both hands into the fountain, Milvushina cups them and pulls up the blood of Bahir'an, drinking deeply.

Smiling now, you say, "With the rite complete, you have my blessing as Khalifa to sire those you deem worthy and Embrace them should they be a credit to our House."

Milvushina runs her tongue over her lips, returning her gaze to you. "I will serve Bahir'an proudly and honourably with my blood."



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    That was really neat. Not sure why but I got a 'Foresaken' vibe (from the Wheel of Time series) while reading that log.
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