Trying to make a gmcp trigger that updates and fires a custom script every time gmcp data is processed by my client... but for some reason I can't get it to fire. I know its possible because I've seen other people have the same trigger but I can't for the life of me figure out why its not working. Can someone help me out? Its not firing off of "^gmcp.char" as the pattern.


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    When you make a GMCP trigger, you're going to want to omit the gmcp. So, for instance, have it fire off of ^char.vitals as the pattern



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  • yea I tried that too... but it didn't work
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    Make sure the type is set to gmcp. Be aware that mudbot will eat that, however, and straight gmcp triggers won't work if you use mudbot.


  • don't use mudbot... dunno even what mudbot is... I've hard about it though... and I have no idea what I'm seeing here other than the gmcp as the type
  • heres a print screen of what it looks like
    gmcp.png 266.7K
  • that still isn't firing
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    The table you're looking for is actually gmcp.Char.vitals, not gmcp.char.vitals. Not sure if zscript is picky about case on variable references, though.

    Also, if I'm reading that right (which I'm likely not, zscript is Greek to me), then you're curing impatience and confusion before asthma, which is probably why you're getting locked so easily by vampires and Luminaries.

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  • zscript isn't picky about capitalization
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    zscript is case sensitive for the trigger pattern.
  • only if the case sensitive box is checked at the bottom
  • I thought maybe it was a problem with my cmud... but I completely just erased and re-installed cmud and it didn't work either
  • ah well now I got it to fire... but it keeps turning my afflictions variable from string list to database record because of the list thing
  • Did you save it as a stringlist or autotype? Also why wouldn't a dbvar work just as well? I handle all mine with a stringlist though.
  • Also cmud is notorious for pickiness with case sensitivity, %proper was a godsend when I found it
  • saved it as a string list... and cmud isn't case sensitive mudlet is the notorious one for that. It puts list as a key and my afflictions all in one value for the key "list"
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