The Divine Hand-over

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This is a log of the interaction Raeche had with both Severn and Maghak.

Just wanted to share what goes on - and what will go on - in the Syndicate, so you know we haven't stopped bringing the swagger. :p

Thanks, and I hope you guys enjoy it!


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    That was, of course, a pleasant read. Raeche was quite charming and Maghak just proves that he's a perfect match for the Syndicate.

    I am more than a little frustrated - Severn goes from clinging to the guild by tooth and nail, belittling my character for even hinting that she might want to change the patron - to saying "oh yeah, I've totes got a lot of stuff on my plate. Go have fun with Maggie." I'm glad the change was finally made, as it was one I wanted myself for quite some time, but I wish that Gods would show some consistency!

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    Wellp, not sure how it went for you guys, could very well be that stuff on the Shadow Plane only came up recently. To speak in euphemism.

    Otherwise, though, I/Raeche did go through the long-drawn process of probbing and prodding Severn to see if he's still keen on being patron. The change took such a long time because of all the due diligence involved with making sure the ball was always left in his court, and always made self-evident that it took a while for him to be able to respond. After a while, I guess it became clear that he was just too busy with other stuff. The approval here, while it looks easy, came with that process of having Severn realise himself that it won't do. So, contact with the two Gods was initiated long before this final approval/handover, just in case it looked easy, or if they seemed especially nice. =p (which they are.)
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    Lin has been burnt beyond recognition by Haern, the Hunter

    I concur, a good read! It is nice to get some RP logs out into the open as there's been a bit of a lack of that recently. (Clearly we are going to need to fix this)
    Carry on.
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