Indie Authors (aka the cheap ebooks thread)

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Buying cheap ebooks from Amazon or similar is a good way to read lots of poorly edited, cliche filled stories written by people that spell as well as a 12 year old Aetolian.

Sometimes though, there are some gems. Often these do not stay quite so cheap, or even indie, but do remain unknown. I thought I'd share a handful of my favourites in the hope you'll do the same and save me from reading some of the crap for a while.

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow Book 1) - Anthony Ryan
This one was a huge surprise. Couldn't put it down. I guess it'd be called epic fantasy, though it is a bit darker than that label suggests. It was cheaper when I bought it, but still $7 now. Hard copies have been available for a month or so now.

A Choice of Treasons - JL Doty
I don't read much science fiction, particularly not the "flying around in space" type, but for some reason I did with this one. A good read, and a standalone book, which is nice. Still cheap.

The Synchronicity Trilogy
(Insidious, Industrious, Ingenious) - Michael McCloskey
More science fiction, this time more the kind of thing I do read. It's all about AIs and AI's gone or going rogue. I read this ages ago and don't remember if it was well written or well edited - I do remember enjoying it though.

Hard Magic - Larry Correia
A bit xmen-ish, but in my opinion with much better thought out system of 'magic'. Likeable characters with plenty of imperfections and room to develop. Gone up in price (still under $7 though) and there are hard copies available.

Crimes Against Magic (Hellequin Chronicles) - Steve McHugh
What do they call the genre when a fantasy book is set in modern day? Whatever it is, it has more rubbish in it than most other genres. This one is a surprising exception. I don't remember how well it was written/edited, but I enjoyed it and there is a second book in the series to go with it. Still cheap.

Got any to share?


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    I adore Hard Magic and the sequel. That author is also responsible for another favorite series of mine, the Monster Hunter series. I would deeefinitely recommend that author any time of the year.
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