Munsy require system.

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Alright, Munsy here. No flaming please :(

In any case. I need a system! I see a handful on the market, though most look entirely primitive to what I'm use to. Base line, looking for a mushclient system, but if there's such an awesome system with awesome 1 on 1 support that includes a mapper, I'll switch over to whatever client I need to. I'd prefer some messages sent to me here, or those who know me know where else to find me. Advertise your stuff in the comments below if you must! 

Edit: Yes yes, after 10 years in IRE I never learned how to code, stupid me. It's something I'm working on. Programming college and what not. To emphasize; the quality of the system right now is not the most important thing, but the willingness of the coder to work with me to implement everything I need and fix bugs in a timely manner.

Forgive me for my ignorance, everything seems so back dated I might start asking for too much!


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    You might want to talk to @Haven about his MUSHclient system - alternatively, poke around and see if @Hadoryu is still posting, he might have some tips. Most people seem to use Mudlet or C/ZMUD.
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    MUSHclient fo' lyfe!

    Sure thing, I'll help ya @Munsia. Have you taken a look at Lilith yet?
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    Citadel is one of the best systems, if not the best being offered currently. It was made by Lanira, who has extensive experience on both Aetolia and Imperian. I've played with him both here and there. It's expensive, yes, but can be used with any client.

    Having played Achaea, Lusternia, Imperian, and Aetolia and having known many coders in time playing those games, Lanira is probably one of most approachable coders I know for asking questions. He supports his work incredibly well, so I'm happy to plug his system.
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    Just going to echo that should you buy Citadel (or even possibly if you don't buy it) Lanira is an EXCELLENT resource. Being able to dissect his scripts and learn from them as well as pester him for questions has been arguably more valuable to me than actual Citadel itself.
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    Yes, me and Lanira are currently in negotiations
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