The Korgan Family

The Korgan Family (Core-gang) is now open! Be one of Ashtyn's siblings! The oldest of them is 29 years old. No hardcore characters.

The Korgan household was rough and rowdy. Sometimes, even borderline abusive. For a Korgan, there ain't no fighting but dirty fighting. Soldiers know how to fight. A Korgan knows tricks. Spit a bottle of alcohol in your eye, kick you in the nads while flailing around blindly. The whole family used to serve under the Black Fang Marauders, a bandit clan out somewhere in the woods. Just a minor nuisance to civilization and travelers crossing the road. They were, until the Shadowbound came. Trying to fight the rot, the Black Fang Marauders stood zero chance. Nothing heroic was done. They just died.

Most of the Korgans died with the Black Fang Marauders. Only Ashtyn and his siblings- 3 girls and one boy(excluding Ashtyn) survive out of the 12 Korgan Children. Ashtyn is the youngest.

The oldest would be 29 by now. All of them carry the marking of a Black Fang.

Which, is a tribal black fang underneath the eye.


  • Most have different mothers, so different races are acceptable. If you have hair, you're probably a redhead.
  • Should log in enough so that we can interact at least once an RL week.
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