Dreams of Aetolia

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I'm sure there's an existing thread for this, but I don't feel like digging up some dusty 7 year old post.

This is the dream thread! Post dreams you've had about Aetolia here. 


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    I recently had a dream in which Lin was cuddling in Sibatti's lap and she was getting feisty. She'd bite at her hands and shoulders while Siba tried to bat her away, until eventually Lin got her teeth into the poor lady's ear and began to pull, HARD. As in "flesh tearing and profuse bleeding" hard.

    Siba, calm as a Buddhist monk, just whispered "no, no, no, sweet girl, come on, you were doing so good..."

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    Stine said:

    Yesterday, Bamathis was namedropped like 100 times at the Spinesreach inner gate. Dick jokes about his spear, questions about the status and shape of his butt, the npc guards calling the girls perverts, it was a regular Spinesreach afternoon.

    Cue me last night having a dream where, in text, the following happened:

    [You sense Marcus Aurelius in the realm.] Yes, I am allied to a Roman Consul in this dream.

    [Marcus Aurelias' voice booms over the continent, "WHICH OF YOU DARES TO SPEAK OF MY LORD'S NAME IN SUCH A MANNER?"] Bamathis has recruited said Roman Consul. Alongside Severn, I think they'd probably make a pretty good team.

    [The shrieking glee of laughter something something Ayastia shouts back, "It was Kani! @Kanivara! She's right here!"] Even in my dreams @Ayastia is a loudmouth troublemaker.

    [Kanivara has been ripped to shreds by the spear of Marcus Aurelius. You divine the location of this death as the Inner Gate of Spinesreach in Spinesreach.]

    I'm sure there was more but that's all I remember.

    I am so glad to have provided such entertainment for you :D
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    Last night I had a dream that I Idea'd and helped develop a new boon system involving the Albedi gods. It was working similar to the direwolf quest in Augerweald, where you repeat a task over and over again until you become recognized for it. In this case, the task was to gather items or slay creature, place creature in the shrine and then worship said Divine. I remember two of the tasks (though one isn't an Albedi Divine, but my brain thought it was a great idea to add). First was gathering bundles of hay and placing at the shrine of the Bull God's shrine. The boon here would be a bonus of some sort when farming. The other was slaying a specific spider and placing on Llazuth's shrine. The boon would be to scale walls (for those who already know how to scale walls, it would be a lot quicker), sortof like spider man.

    Was a really fun dream. And if the Admins are interested in something like this, I obviously have ideas! :D
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