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I forgot to mention this before I locked myself out of my actual accounts, so I'm going to say it with this one.

While I recognize there's nothing I can do to enforce this, I hereby revoke permission for players of Aetolia to use the collection of scripts known as 'Swarm'. You're no longer authorized to use or distribute the scripts in any form, either as an add-on or as part of another system (e.g. Sunder). They're my original work and intellectual property, for which I've never been compensated or entered a contractual agreement to provide, so I believe this is well within my rights.

Thank you, and ta-ta.
Hawa / Vyxsis / author of Swarm


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    Modifies scripts and names to do everything the exact same way but with different titles.

    Now introducing the low cost targeting and group aliases in the generic product "Slurm", just as effective as name brand "Swarm".

    Slurm, now with mascot, Slurm McKenzie....

    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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