Not-Galilei and Ephi poke at trees

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Why they do so will be made clear very soon. We should totally do it again @Ephi. Maybe ENORIAN FOR REAL NEXT TIME??


(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Ephi, are you in the mood for adventure?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Always! Or at least, most of the time, Duchess!"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Excellent. There is someone I have written to, and the letter simply must be delivered. However."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "The trick is not to let anybody know that it came from Bloodloch. Or even Spinesreach."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Which means two things - can you guess?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Uhh. That I need to find an elaborate and very convincing disguise! And then maybe try to act like I'm from somewhere like Enorian! And then once they've been convinced of my act, I hand the letter to them!"

Tells): Ephi tells you, "The perfect crime!"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Except. Not so criminal, because it is the will of the good people of Bloodloch."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Exactly! Or, well, maybe Duiran. I think Enorian has some horrific pyre they throw undead onto to strip disguises."

At the gates of Esterport.
You have emoted: Galilei's answering grin spells mischief clear as day. "Well, shall we convene someplace safe, to plan?"

Ephi says, "Ah, hello, stranger not from Bloodloch!"

Ephi says, "I don't know you but I'll follow you anyways!"

Upon a stilted platform.
You say, "Ah, no more sunlight. Excellent."

Ephi nods her head firmly. "Indeed. Sun can be bad not only for Bloodloch, but Enorian or Duiranites too! Does horrid things for the skin, which is what we're worried about."

Loudly, Ephi says, "But not for us! We just prefer to converse somewhere dark because sitting out in the sun can get tiring!"

You have emoted: "Mmm. Most... enervating," Galilei agrees, nodding most earnestly. "Which is why we will need clothes of a more protective nature. If that is necessary..." Her eyes look over Ephi's state of dress before she looks down at her own outfit.

She is a typical Tsol'aa of a slim, fair-skinned profile. Standing at an inch or two over six feet, Ephi is rather lanky. Messy hair of a platinum blonde colour tumbles down to the knees in a voluminous, haphazard tumble, the frankly ridiculous length making it quite a struggle to tame, though there is an artful tousled air about the mess. A few golden strands cover her angular face, usually over one of her vivid, bright green eyes which are downturned in shape, adding a mischievous, cat-like air to the girl. Just above them are thick, gracefully arching eyebrows the same bright hue as her hair. Long, pointed ears peek out from the blonde mass that is not uncommon for her kin. Making up her facial features includes high, prominent cheekbones, thin, pink lips, with a small, narrow nose that just widens at the nostrils. She has narrow shoulders and her chest is a bit small for her frame, her lithe torso extending down to a subtle hourglass shape to give her an almost boyish look at a glimpse. Offsetting this are long, shapely legs that seem to make up the most of her height, ending in delicate looking feet that have subtle arches with minute toes. Her nails on her hands and feet have been trimmed and painted an alternating pink and white to add to her girlish appearance. Translucent strands of spiderweb periodically weave around her form,
empowering her with Iosyne's blessing.
She is wearing:
an iron-studded weaponbelt, slung across the chest
a pair of diffusal goggles, worn just over her eyes
a short skirt uniform of the Carnifex, covering the body
a sleeveless and skin-tight black undershirt, worn beneath her uniform
black leather hobnailed jack boots, worn on the feet
a pair of ivory winter stockings, worn on the legs
a cloak of shadow, hanging from the shoulders
a heart-shaped love charm, dangling from her front coat pocket
a suit of polished field plate armour, covering the body
a fiery zinnia, carefully affixed in her hair
an iron ylem-binding gauntlet, covering her left hand

Ephi says, "Oh. I have something!"

Ephi ceases to wield a brutal, jagged bardiche of the Carnifex, securing it to her weaponbelt.

Ephi looks around the platform and then moves to a remote corner so she can change. "This was supposed to be my off-duty uniform, but I like my uniform better!" she calls out while changing.

In swift order, Ephi changes her clothes.
Ephi carefully unwinds the scarf from around her neck.
Unlocking the buckle of an iron-studded weaponbelt, Ephi removes it from her waist.

You have emoted: Galilei's eyes are respectfully closed while Ephi goes through her transformation.

She is wearing:
a silver-accented, midrift-baring emerald top, covering the torso
an emerald skirt of silver-accented silk, worn on the legs
black sandals accented with green ribbons, worn on the feet
a cloak of shadow, hanging from the shoulders

You hear footsteps approaching you before Ephi clears her throat to get your attention.

Brushing some dirt off her top, Ephi says, "I look very Duiranite, don't you think?"

You have emoted: Galilei blinks, silvery eyes widening in mischievous approval. "I do declare, I must ask you to take me to the forest's tailors sometime."

Ephi looks rather pleased with her self and places her left hand over her hip. "Sure, why not! Strolling through that giant tree can be pleasant."

You have emoted: "Say, since you are a true Duiranite..." Galilei lowers her voice conspiratorially. "Wouldn't you recommend something nice I might wear, a hopeful little Tsol'aa looking to see the Great Oak and its great people for myself?"

You say, "I do seem to recall some shops nearby, and I've plenty of gold."

Ephi looks genuinely taken by your plight and holds her hand over her heart in a solemn gesture. "Of course, lady! You seem to be a trustworthy sort to explore our fair, giant tree!"

You have emoted: "Perfect, perfect!" Galilei claps her hands, all merry satisfaction. "I shall not merely please myself with touring, but I shall look like the forests, too. Let us go to the shops!"

Your skin begins to slowly smolder and char beneath the assault of sunlight.
You take a drink of an elixir of health from an academy vial.
The elixir heals and soothes you.

Ephi says, "Alright! Uhh..."

The Black Flagon Inn.
Ephi lowers her voice into a whisper.

Ephi murmurs to you, "So you want me to take you to the shops of Duiran, yes?"

You murmur to Ephi, "Ah - well. I fear someone might steal upon me, and ask me what an outsider is doing here. Being so shy - " she widens her eyes, giving a surprisingly convincing air of coy
helplessness for her imagined audience - "I think I might forget what I had to say."

You murmur to Ephi, "Esterport's wares will do nicely."

Ephi nods her head firmly, then gently takes you by the hand as she sets out the Black Flagon Inn.

Ephi says, "Then let me take you to my home that is a giant tree!"

You have emoted: Galilei happily follows along.

Gallant's Glade.
Ephi pulls you into this shop and breathes out a sigh of relief.

Ephi says, "Alright we're in! Now, what are we looking for. Did you need to er... check the shop directory?"

Ephi leans her back against the wall adjacent the doorway and peeks outside, not looking very inconspicuous at all.

You say, "Indeed, indeed I did."

Ephi says to a white warhound, "Leifen. Stay here!"
A restful meeting place near stone carvings.
Ephi wanders towards the Duiran shop directory, holding her companion's hand firmly to lead her around.

You peer at the large megalith and note a faint gleam as the fel light brightens around the wares you are searching for.

Snapping her fingers, you say, "I have it."

Voice lowered, Ephi says, "Where to, Duch- err Goli?"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "43939 first, if you please."

Mystic Moon.
Ephi murmurs to you, "Your alias is Golilei!"

You get 10000 gold sovereigns from a coin pouch of orchid-hued silk.

You blink.

You murmur to Ephi, "Erm."

Ephi says, "They won't expect a thing!"

"Mine?" Ephi asks without being prompted. "I'll be Ephiphi." Clearing her throat, she nods her head sternly.

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "How about..." She cannot stop from breaking out into giggles. "I was thinking - thinking of Mica...?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Ah. Mica then! Very good."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Still Ephiph - Fifi? Ephiphi?"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Ugh. You're really good at this! Fifi is good!"

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Fifi the squirrel enthusiast! You're er. A visitor from a far away land!"

You have emoted: Galilei inclines her head politely to a gold pierced and adorned rajamala before moving to the changing area. She sends a little wink at the other Tsol'aa.

She is a typical Tsol'aa vampire, willowy and lithe, with alabaster skin and striking, silvery eyes. Deep-set and long-lashed, they lend her slender face an aristocratic cast, an impression reinforced by the arch in her thin brows and the delicate elegance of her features. There is an ageless quality to her; perhaps it is the dark, faintly amused timbre of her voice, or the inquisitive spark in her gaze, which takes little coaxing to rise, or the icy undertones brightening her almost eerily unblemished flesh. Though usually done up in a graceful plait, her dark hair reaches a little past her shoulders when loose. Dusky violet shimmers across it when the light hits, a striking contrast to her shapely, pale, pointed ears. The shadowed parts of her auricles are noticeably rosier, a hallmark of the warm and living blood that all Consanguine still possess.
She is wearing:
a hooded red cloak, draped around her
silken black slippers accented with silver lace, snug on her feet
an elegant collar of lilac-hued silk, around the neck
an airy skirt of white chiffon, floating serenely about her figure
a deep black shirt, tucked primly into her skirt
a snowy mantilla veil, settled lightly over the hair and shoulders

You remove a snowy mantilla veil.

Ephi watches you until you starts to change, the colour rising in her cheeks and then she turns her head to keep a watchful eye towards the exit.

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Now, Miss Fifi, would you take me to someplace more secluded? I must... freshen up, a little. My skin."

Ephi looks a bit uncertain. Muttering to herself, "I should have scouted beforehand," but then she motions for you to follow close behind with a hand signal before leaving the shop.

In the silent wood.
The ancient forest is silent and dark, no natural sunlight filtering in by virtue of the massive bulk of the Great Oak overhead. No sky, nor clouds, nor any other form of weather touches the Heartwood, as it is lit and fueled entirely by the vibrant core of the Great Oak in the center of the great forest. It can be viewed from a great distance, shimmering tendrils of ethereal energy branching away from the tall pillar to reach all corners of the wood. Twisting, curling roots descend from the Oak to land in the soil in various places of the Heartwood, each root as large as a tree. Rolling on its side is a massive acorn of the Great Oak. A faun of the ancient wood lingers in the area, his presence vaguely eerie.
You see exits leading north and west.

Ephi glances around herself, then at you. "Er, how about here, Mica?" she asks awkwardly.

Glancing about, you murmur to Ephi, "I see somebody... North, three times?"

Twisting passage throughout the tree's guts.
The passages within the Great Oak's interior resemble a cave or perhaps an anthill in their make, winding passages joining and twisting and turning throughout the tree's guts in a chaotic array. The walls are hardened wood, often times shaping into odd looking nodules, and other times completely dropping away to reveal large gaps in the resin.
You see exits leading east, south, and southwest.

Ephi covers her mouth and sneezes.

Ephi clears her throat, then looks towards you, seeking your approval.

You have emoted: Galilei leans against the wood with a relieved sigh. "Best keep away from direct sun. Noon... hopefully we can make it. Now, Miss Fifi, if you will allow me one moment..."

You focus your blood reserves, directing a small amount into the hollow, lifeless capillaries of your face and limbs. A ruddy tint quickly suffuses your complexion and as you will your fangs to retract, you look like the mortal you once were.
You have gained the masqueraded defence.

Even her voice lighter, you exclaim, "Lively enough for the forests, I hope!"

Ephi stares at you and looks genuinely impressed. "Woah! That's pretty neat." then she clears her throat. "For an Enorianite!"

Solemnly, you say, "Blessed be the Light, and may you always walk within it!"

A cacophonous crash and loud cursing can be heard somewhere in the distance as some poor soul accidentally triggers a long forgotten trap.

You murmur to Ephi, "I hope that's right."

Ephi nods her head solemnly. "Yes. Err, I mean. I just like squirrels!" she says with a forced laugh.

Trying to look casual, Ephi says, "Now, Mica! Where else are you needed in my fair tree home?"

You have emoted: "You came to the perfect place, then," Not- Galilei proclaims. "Perhaps we might find some skittering around public offices, like..." She raises her bushy eyebrows, looking sneakily about herself. "The post office?"

Ephi says, "Hmm. I do know a place where we love to write on leaves and stuff!"

The beehive.
Immediately upon entering this small nook in the Oak, the surroundings change so drastically that the environ barely resembles a tree at all. Bees have commandeered this hollow in the wood as a nesting site, with dozens of individual honeycombs nestled into the crooks and cavities of the room. A hardened plant resin coats everything not immediately covered in honeycomb, and to say that this area is alive with bees would be a gross understatement. Hundreds of bees are at work here, creating a loud din of noise difficult to talk over. Despite it all, they appear to pay no mind to the flow of visitors moving in and out of the hive, and seem completely docile. A green waldgeist keeper tends to the hive, beeswax covering his wooden form. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale. This is a post office. Refer to HELP MAIL for more information.
You see a single exit leading east (open pine door).

Ephi grazes her bottom lip with her teeth as she takes in the familiar sight of this beehave. "Err. I meant bees!"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei claps her hands merrily, sparing a mostly-cheery glance at a waldgeist keeper. "Yes, of course. Bees, very lovely."

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Deep breaths... he won't notice a thing."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "Of course not! The perfect disguise!"

A waldgeist keeper sticks a branch-like arm deep into a cavity of the beehive, emerging with a fresh crop of honeycomb.

Ephi stares oddly at a waldgeist keeper as it just does its... thing.

You have emoted: Not- Galilei draws out a letter from within her red cloak, expression slowly losing its mischief and cheer as she takes a step forward. It is a plain one, and securely closed, but you catch a glimpse of something purple, like a petal, and the intoxicating scent of hyacinth. She pauses before handing it in, fingers tightening upon the paper for a brief moment.

Ephi stares at the letter in her companion's hand with avid curiosity, the seal not going unnoticed. Though when it's successfully sent out by the waldgeist, she clears her throat and hurriedly takes you by the hand and drags her out of the beehive.

Hardened internal passage.
Hardened walls of the Great Oak's internal passages are hollowed out to offer a way to travel through the great tree's interior. It splits off into several directions, a series of tunnels within the Oak itself. The nature of the growth varies wildly from place to place, with some walls incomplete or shrunken. Thinner, spongy fibers criss-cross over the ceiling of the passage, pulsing faintly with life.
You see exits leading northeast, east, and south.

Ephi murmurs to you, "Just in case anyone felt the need to check!"

Shaking back her feathery hair, you murmur to Ephi, "Yes. Yes, of course."

It is now noon on Tisday, the 16th of Slyphian, year 487 of the Midnight Age.

Ephi can't help but stare at you that no doubt says her interest is certainly piqued, but for now, deep within not so friendly territory she keeps her questions to herself. "Ahem. Mica, where is our next objective in my home? Here in a tree?"

You have emoted: "Em, anywhere it's not, not outside." A different sort of accent carries Not- Galilei's words here, the 'r's more rhotic, the 'a's occasionally hardening and the 'i's a little more, for lack of a better word, curving. "These passages are rather nice, though I don't see very many squirrels about?"

"Hah. I... sent the squirrels to bed!" Ephi explains unconvincingly. "They too dislike too much sun on their furry bodies. Else they overheat. They'll come around after supper," she says, deepening her voice to sound unlike herself. Though it sounds more like she's trying to sound like a man. "Time for a stroll then!"

You say to Ephi, "Lead on, Miss Fifi!"

The treasury of the Great Oak.
A barrier of translucent phloem splits this alcove down the center of the room, walling a portion of it off. Behind it, piles of gold sovereigns are visible, heaping mountains of wealth beyond both reach and access. The dryads of the Great Oak charged with the protection of the commune's treasury pass through this barrier as if it were mere liquid, moving in and out to handle withdraws and deposits made by the bank's patrons. Her body flecked with gold, a dryad of the Great Oak oversees
the treasury. A ring-tailed raccoon forages for insects here. This is a treasury or a bank. Refer to HELP BANK for more information.
You see a single exit leading east (open pine door).

Ephi raises her head and glances up at the Great Oak that houses this treasury. "Hmm! Now isn't this peculiar! You see, Gal- ehm. Mica. We take after the squirrels and hoard our things in trees too!"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei waltzes lightly over to the phleom barrier, though she does not go so far as to touch it. "My, my, my, my, how fascinating."

Ephi looks a bit skeptical, and her voice lightens to her usual lilt as she adds, "I guess they're kind of like bees too!" Though when she hears herself talk she clears her throat. "These dryads seem a bit formidable, I'll withdraw my gold another day!"

This dryad oversees the treasury of the Great Oak, her body adapted for the purpose of manipulating the barrier of phloem splitting the alcove. Her features are simple, with a slender body and hair that is molded rather than flowing in a spiky cut around her head. Every surface of her body is flecked with gold, providing a scaly casing around her form and causing her to shimmer brilliantly in any light. Her long eyelashes, the only feminine feature distinguishable, are also tipped in gold flakes, perfectly framing similarly gold eyes.
A gold-flecked dryad looks weak and feeble.
She carries over ten weeks of survival experience.
She weighs about 100 pound(s).

You have emoted: Not- Galilei nods solemnly. "As formidable as the Templars' devoted to the Light," she murmurs. "And - mm. Rather lovely too, like artwork, fascinating."

Ephi passes a hand along your shoulder. "Indeed, indeed. Your Light is nice and very blinding! And hot I hear too. Let's find something else we can look at!"

You nod your head emphatically.

Chambers of the Consulate.
A comforting feeling of privacy pervades the area. The roots of the Great Oak merge to form this chamber, suspended above the atrium below. Unlike the atrium, however, the roots here are so tightly interlocked that there are no gaps between them to peer through, creating a private enclosure no larger than a foyer. Five high-backed chairs occupy the majority of the room, lined up in a curve around the round platform in the center of the room. There is adequate floor space for a small party to come before the Consulate, and the entire audience chamber is nestled between a cage of slender roots. Above all, a sense of cozy privacy is afforded, with no windows and a very solid and heavy trap door separating the chamber from the atrium below. Squished, a firefly has been slain here.
You see a single exit leading down (open oak door).

"Gosh. This tree is very vast," Ephi says in awe, forgetting her disguise so she can admire the oak from this chamber.

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Ahem, perhaps somewhere safer."

The Gemstone alcove.
This alcove is far less organized than the rest, the wood bark of the tree's interior being carved out to form dozens of tiny shelves, upon which many glittering gems of different shapes, sizes, and varieties are placed. The gemstones catch any available light, reflecting brilliantly and casting their dazzling refractions onto the walls of the alcove. It is somewhat blinding to linger in here for very long, due to the brilliance of the alcove's gem stores. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading northeast, south, and west.

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "I wouldn't want the recipient of my letter to get into trouble, ahaha."

Ephi says, "Ah! Here we -probably- make little outfits for the squirrels!"

Ephi says, "And trinkets."

(Tells): Ephi tells you, "What'd you send him? Or her!?"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei stoops to examine a gemstone, dark eyes widening in wonder. She jerks up at the noise, but smoothes her pigtails down and continues. "And little rings, to put on their little squirrel tails, too?"

(Tells): You whisper psychically into Ephi's mind, "Ah - just a letter. With a flower I thought… he might appreciate."

Ephi places her hands over her mouth in an attempt to stifle her laughter. "Yes," she says, her voice indicating she's still under the threat of bursting into a fit of giggles. "And crowns and thistles too!" Then she starts to make her way to explore the rest of the Great Oak, clearly becoming a bit more at ease here.

Weaving between organic nodules.
A comfortable, homey feel is lent to the zone, perhaps due in part to the enclosed, narrow feeling of the protected passageway. Natural tunnels form passages within the Great Oak's interior, leading in multiple directions. The scent of wood and loam prevails, and the air is very still and alternately warm and cool. Ephi is here.
You see exits leading north, southeast, south, and southwest.

Feeling this spot is remote enough, Ephi turns to regard you with a bit of a grin. "I do wonder how they can live in such a thing. It's enormous! What if it burns?"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei runs a hand along the passage walls wonderingly. "Then everything would BURN at once," she murmurs, but cannot resist adding, "Like our HOLY LIGHT BURNS."

Ephi's breath catches in her throat as she adopts a look of surprise. "We wouldn't want that. But I wonder -- what's here?" she asks, and glances towards the south, where a hollow has been formed. Without another word, she leads you within.

A library within the hollow.
Inside the hollowed-out portion of the Great Oak is a strange natural light, reminiscent of the glow of the Great Oak's core. The glow is pale and milky and floods the room with illumination devoid of glare or shadow. All around the circular hollow are natural ledges shaped out of the wood. Set upon the curving shelves are row upon row of preserved books and scrolls. A small sign indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list the materials in this library.
You see exits leading north, east, west, and up (open pine door).

You murmur to Ephi, "Would you look at that."

Ephi says, "Hah. Books!"

You murmur to Ephi, "And the light... Sweet Light, it looks lovely."

Ephi closes her eyes and grimaces as she wills the laughter to remain within her at your words. "It really does, doesn't it?" she agrees, her green eyes scanning the hollow with admiration. "Very quaint."

Ephi says, "They even have our cit -- Ahem. The most vile city of Bloodloch's history here!"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei opens her eyes wide in what looks to be outrage. "Foul, MOST foul! History ill-writ, deserving to be STRICKEN from these very halls!"

Ephi frowns, though it looks more like a strained smile if anything. "Yes. Those dastardly villains -- Oh, this looks cozy!"

A charming reading nook.
Carved into the side of the main library this little nook is large enough for four to lounge comfortably while reading. Matte-green curtains are tied up at the opening to provide privacy when needed. The curved wall is made up of bookshelves, decorated with engraved paintings of the river and the creatures that live in it. The whole of this little room sits a step above the main library with a large, blue pillow as its floor. Several decorative pillows have been set along the edge of the floor, providing a more comfort for those who wish to lounge here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A small sign indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list
the materials in this library.
You see a single exit leading west.

A clockwork messenger bat flits in from above and begins flapping around.

A clockwork messenger bat chirps happily at Ephi.

A clockwork messenger bat says to Ephi, "Salutations. No, the Commander doesn't know how to dance. I asked."

A clockwork messenger bat flies suddenly out of the room.

Ephi says, "Whatthe."

You have emoted: Not- Galilei minces into the room, discarding her outrage before the expression is immediately replaced by shock.

Coughing, you say, "The Sentinels' commander?"

Ephi now genuinely looks uneasy and there's some colour that forms on her cheeks. "Hah...! I have no idea." She stammers.

You have emoted: "Miss Fifi, you don't look at all well!" Not- Galilei exclaims, stepping in front of the Tsol'aa to bat her hands before Ephi's face. "Oak fever, no doubt!"

Ephi places a hand over her cheek and lets out a nervous chuckle. "Hah. No, I'm fine, Mica! We just... I remembered a squirrel's trouble for a moment." Then she turns about to lead her companion elsewhere.

Before a vine-covered trapdoor.
An opening further into the tree's depths is here, its sides hollowed out by some majestic force and supported by the structure of the Great Oak. The entrance is blocked off by a false floor, and no mechanism seems available to open it. The passage is otherwise small and unremarkable, out of the way of the rest of the Oak's passages and nondescript. Covered in spiked, black armor, a midnight black stallion trots menacingly here. Ayani is standing vigil here, grasping her worn dhurive in one hand whilst holding a lit cigarette in the other. There are 4 burly centaur crossbowmen here. Torrents of water twist and shift around the watery form of an undine aquacaster here, masterfully manipulating her element. There are 2 cloaked forestal wardens here. With a stoic expression, a Sentaari monk stands here. There are 2 barbaric satyr shamen here. A woodland lynx prowls here, eyes darting with scarcely contained ferocity. A ring-tailed raccoon forages for insects here.
You see exits leading northeast and south.

Addressing a ring-tailed raccoon, Ephi says, "Ho there, citizen!"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei squats upon the grass to give a ring-tailed raccoon a solemn salute.

Ephi says, "He's very busy! We should carry on!"

The Mulariad's Mark Taproom.
Pale and ancient knotted roots of the ancient forest above hang like writhing fingers from the ceiling of this dug out cavern. Silken lanterns of all the light's colors dangle from the network of roots, manifold hues encompassed within each one. Flowers which range from deep orchids to the fearful blaze of Morgun poppies adorn the gaps between, capturing all the panoply on offer and setting the taproom alight with eldritch verdancy. Rounded walls of packed loamy soil keep the shop cool while hardened floors of pearlescent magewood provide a flat surface for foot traffic to stomp around on. A long, polished counter of the same wood has been settled atop a supporting line of low
roots, providing a makeshift bartop for patrons to stand near. A short row of taps gleams enticingly from behind the bar, hastily scrawled labels hinting at paired libations. A glass jar stands here, a label on its side indicating its purpose for collecting tips. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale. The lanterns are woven from the silk of chaos moths, scattering light in every which brightness and way and hue.
You see exits leading south (open stone door) and in (closed stone door).

Ephi says, "Hah! Look. Where we drink! Water. For the squirrels."

Ephi says, "And us, of course."

You ask, "And the, em, moths?"

Ephi stares at the bright lanterns of various colours lining the taproom. "Yes! Quite pretty though, wouldn't you say? It's from rainbow fur squirrel, I believe."

You have emoted: Intoning, Not- Galilei murmurs, "Fur which is most like to the material from most fell - ahem. Fair cocoons of some fluttering, winged creatures... Most fascinating."

Ephi nods her head surely, and holds a hand out gesturing to the lanterns. "Moth squirrels of course! We have so many squirrels. Like that ring-tailed squirrel you saw hard at work."

You have emoted: "Moth squirrels, ring-tailed squirrels, moon squirrels," Not- Galilei counts off her fingers, light voice growing singsong as she steps toward Miss Fifi. "Sneaky, sneaky squirrels."

"Trust me, I'm a squirrel expert!" Ephi says with a firm nod. Then wanders towards the counter to look at the drinks. "I wonder..." she muses aloud.

You have emoted: Not- Galilei's eyes widen and she hurries forward. "Miss Fifi, I, em, seem to have forgotten some Holy Scriptures I was supposed to bring, and we-we may need to go find it."

Ephi glances towards you, her mouth opening as she forgets this is all just an act. "To Enorian, Gall -- Oh! Where shall we head from here, lady Mica?"

You have emoted: Not- Galilei narrows her eyes ferociously and dramatically. "To fell Bloodloch, to fell its very FOUNDATIONS with my mighteous Light. Well. Not my, Light, not really."

Ephi clicks her tongue and breathes out a weary sigh. "I wouldn't know why you want to go there, lady! But if you insist!"

You exclaim, "FOR CONVERSION!"

Ephi says, "And squirrels!"


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