Science and Surgery!

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Marin has been very sick since moving to Spinesreach. Agothaxl figured, after a previous meeting, that it was because of all the cold. RP lore was made up on the fly by me that Xorani have a ritual/surgery practice (for elderly Xorani that lose their fire) to help bring a fire into the system. Or a warmth, really. One that can be controlled and adjusted by the individual.

I will warn that parts of this are probably pretty PG or PG-13. So, keep that in mind before you gander. Thanks to @Marin for RPing so much with me! It's much appreciated!

(Tells): Marin's thoughts fill your head, "Perhaps belated, but hello, Curator."

(Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Marin, "Ah, hello, Marin. Good to hear your voice. You are well?"

(Tells): Marin's thoughts fill your head, "I am. Just resting a small bit after assuring my shop is
in order."

(Tells): Marin's thoughts fill your head, "If you are able, I have plenty of time for us to undergo
earlier plans, if you are still willing, of course."

(Tells): Marin's thoughts fill your head, "I will be awake for some time, I think."

(Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Marin, "Of course. Let me know when you're ready, and I'll lead
you to the lab."

A quiet research room (v26370) - AREA: Spinesreach, ML AREA: Spinesreach
A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A small wooden pyramid has
been left here. A small sign indicates that LIBRARY CATALOG will list the materials in this
You see exits leading west and in (closed pine door).

(Tells): Marin's thoughts fill your head, "Very well. I am ready."

(Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Marin, "Alright. Meet me at the inner gate."


The Inner Gate of Spinesreach. (road)
A black marble pedestal has been knocked over, cracking the bowl that once rested upon it. The Inner
Gate of Spinesreach looms high overhead here. Suspended from a venantium hoop, a windchime of
nacreous black crystal hangs here. A veranda has been constructed here, providing welcome shade to
those in need of it. There are 2 simple wooden bookcases here. A venantium pike with the decapitated
head of Conner has been erected. A wooden chest is here, carved to mimic the Spires of Spinesreach.
A uniquely-crafted iron firepit is here. Carved from ice, a sculpture of a wolf rests here on its
frozen haunches, regally surveying all who pass by. A tall banner dangles from a thick wooden pole
here, carrying the colors of green, yellow, and white. There are 3 Republican guards here. There are
4 Spirean Sciomancers here. A slender obsidian and glass hookah stands here on six swirling feet.
There are 2 Syssin Defenders here. There are 2 jherzan Archivists here. There are 3 conscripted
Spirean soldiers here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A two-
toned hammock of red and white rope has been hung here. Drawing shapes as it explores, a small
whirlwind is here.
You see exits leading north, east, southeast, and down.
You have reached your destination.

Marin bows her head respectfully.

You say, "Shall I carry you this time?"

(( Previous RP - she carried Marin to somewhere because she had been super sick. Was funny! ))

Marin says, "I think I can walk this time."

Marin grins sheepishly.

Marin begins to follow you.

You smile at Marin.

You say, "Off we go, then."

-walking to Steele's house because Ago thinks that he has a lab there-

A sunflower-lined courtyard (v65466) - AREA: the Village of Kald, ML AREA: ?

-walks around the house-

You say, "Where is his lab.."

-walks around checking for secret rooms-

Marin tilts her head curiously.

You say, "Well..I could have sworn his lab was here, but it's not. He must have hid it elsewhere."

You say, "May as well take you to my own home."

You suck thoughtfully on your teeth.

Marin seems to think for a moment before nodding slowly.

You say, "No, no. The Archivinum."

You say, "Voltda."
You quickly utter the phrase and see a sulfurous hole open in the ground before you. Without
hesitation, you jump in.
Marin follows you to the ether.
Within the Death Caves (v19911) - AREA: the Death Caves, ML AREA: the Death Caves
Magical darkness enshrouds this area. A black rhinoceros is here, pawing at the ground. A single
stocking has been hung up here.

Western end of city walls (v11694) - AREA: Spinesreach, ML AREA: Spinesreach
Many of the stars are disguised behind looming clouds, tracing their slow paths across the sphere of
the heavens. Dvaka the Geometrist stands here, her skin bathed in glowing linework. There are 5
jherzan Archivists here. There are 4 Republican guards here. There are 5 Syssin Defenders here. A
sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. The luminescent double doors
of the Archivium loom to the north, set into the cliff face. Humming with energy, a crystal aegis
has been attuned to this location. There are 4 conscripted Spirean soldiers here. There are 4
Spirean Sciomancers here.
You see a single exit leading southeast.
You have reached your destination.

The doors of the Archivium become momentarily transparent, and you step through.
Marin follows you to the ether.
A brightly-lit entry hall to the Archivium (v63055) - AREA: Spinesreach, ML AREA: Spinesreach
Bound by thick strands of spiderweb, the bloody corpse of Juxa Steelhew lies here on display. A
glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been left here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular
monolith is on the ground.

A warm meeting hall (v63156) - AREA: Spinesreach, ML AREA: Spinesreach
The walls of this chamber, which stand encompassing it in a perfect circle, are constructed from
patternless stones, inconsistent in their size and shape. A high, domed ceiling presides over the
chamber below, supported by powerful crossbeams. A round table sits at the room's center, chairs
arrayed around its perimeter. A tall, brass candelabra has been placed at the table's center,
casting a bright and even light that reaches even the furthest corners of the room - its central
light is augmented by brass sconces, containing candles, that dot the walls at periodic intervals. A
glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been left here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular
monolith is on the ground. Marin is here.
You see a single exit leading southeast.

You have emoted: Agothaxl glances around at the surroundings with a satisfied nod, "The table here
is nice and big. It should allow the space we need, and I can clean up later."
Balance Used: 1.00 seconds

Marin likewise looks about the hall with a curious glance, choosing to walk to the table, turn, and
give a hop to seat herself on its edge. "They will not mind if I get the table bloody?"

You have emoted: "I am the Head Curator." Agothaxl says plainly as she steps in closer to Marin. She
settles a hand on either of her outer thighs as she is close enough, taking a moment to let her eyes
wander her from this closeness, "I do whatever I want at this point. So, get yourself comfortable."
She gives the thighs a quick pat and then steps back, turning around on heel to give some space
before turning back around to face Marin.

Marin purses her scarred lips and looks over her shoulder at the table for a silent moment,
producing a worry stone from her pocket and idly rolling it in her hand. She scoots back promptly
after, turning and laying on her back parallel to the table's edge. "I am afraid I know little how
such things work -- guilds and other organizations. I have only been in the Legion, and the
Nebre'seir, but.." She scrunches her nose. "The Nebre'seir were too quiet to learn much from."

She is an intelligent Idreth of Xorani heritage and is fairly tall for her kin, nearly six and a
half feet in height. She is covered in white hued scales across every inch of her body that give off
a faint pink coloring when the light hits them. Atop her head are several horns that are flat across
her crown, ending at sharp tips several inches behind her skull. A pair of them are longer than the
rest, directly above her eyes, that extend upwards several inches to sharp points. The rest all
start just above and behind her dark pink eyes, both of which that are on either side of her diamond-
shaped head and set in deeply above two rounded cheeks. Between the eyes starts the bridge of her
maw, the rounded cheeks rising up towards the maw and going flat along the side of it as the maw
continues down to the holes that serve as nostrils. Below is the jawline, thin but angular, that
flows backwards into a slender neck. Much of the rest of her frame is much the same as the neck -
thin shoulders, slender arms and legs, each limb ending in sharp-clawed digits - though there are
some curves here and there that remind that she is a female of her species. At her shoulders and
behind her back are a set of leathery wings, large enough in size that the tips rest upon the ground
when collapsed tight against her back. When extended outwards, they reveal the light pink sinew
within them - similar in style to a bat's wings - that allow her into flight. Her feet only carry
three digits and are long in length, allowing her to stand flat on the front pad of her feet with
her heel in the air if needed. The heel has another sharp-clawed, downward-curving talon at the base
of it. A lengthy tail extends out from behind the base of her back, thickly-plated scales all down
its length and ending in a narrow point at the tip. A cloying layer of diamond dust utterly covers
(tight about her neck) : a thick steel torc of the boar
(inked on each hand) : a geometric linework tattoo
(around each of her wrists) : a collection of gold and ivory bracelets
(hanging from the shoulders) : a contrasting silk scarf of geometric shapes
(draping down her frame) : an amethyst wisteria kimono of dove-gray silk
(painted vividly over one arm) : dath of geometric crimson bands

She is a hardy Azudim of Human heritage. Not quite diminutive nor frail, this young human stands
above five feet by a few inches, though stands with a comfortable authority about herself. Along her
body are a number of scars, all horizontal and near-surgical in the manner in which the welts are
arranged like stripes up the young woman's dark kawhe-hued skin. Narrow shoulders and healthy curves
fill out her otherwise youthful frame. Not unlike a shadow upon her skin, a shifting blackness sits
still, shimmering like a living tattoo along her arms. Pure white tresses have been left loose
around her shoulders, the thick and wavy locks curling around her eyes, the left of which has been
covered entirely by a white blindfold, the opposite side flipped over itself. The remaining eye is a
vibrant golden hue, brightly reflecting most light that touches it, resting underneath a slender and
expressive brow. Unlike the other scars on her body, jagged scars line her lips, as if once sewn
shut only to be ripped open long ago.
(secured to her bandolier) : a venantium crowbar
(stacked upon a single ringfinger) : a necromantic ring
(stacked upon a single ringfinger) : a ring
(covering her left eye) : a blindfold of white silk
(hanging from her bandolier) : the shrunken head of Leana
(through the septum) : a bold sunset tourmaline nosering
(worn on her left wrist) : bangles of fractured obsidian and faceted crystal
(stacked upon a single ringfinger) : a shadowy ring
(worn on her bandolier) : a deck of Tarot cards
(wrapped around one thigh) : a tactical thigh-strapped bandolier
(leaving the soles of her feet bare) : a pair of fur-lined gaiters
(worn on the hips) : a pair of white linen shorts
(draping her torso) : a belted and pleated lilac tunic

You have emoted: "We're quiet, honestly." Agothaxl says after she listens, going to look down at her
attire and frown, "I need to sew up something to get dirty in real quick.." It's mostly to herself
before her gaze is returned to you, "I'll teach you what I can, eventually, then. For now, I'll need
your abdomen clear of anything you don't want ripped or dirtied. This will be going into your chest,
but I need to open you up a good bit to make sure all things tie in well."

"I sewed this just moments ago in preparation," Marin says quietly, scarred fingers plucking at a
belted and pleated lilac tunic. "Anything I wear can be replaced. Perhaps just not.." She shifts and
unloops the shrunken head of Leana from her bandolier, along with a deck of Tarot cards, placing
them both further in on the table with a nod. "For safety's sake."

Marin removes the shrunken head of Leana.

Marin removes a deck of Tarot cards.

You have emoted: "Aye, protect those that matter." Agothaxl says with a nod of her head, doing her
best to offer a reassuring smile towards you, "You could be naked if you had wished, but I
understand discretion and all that."

You say, "So, let me see what I can sew for myself.."

-checks things and only finds a gown to switch into-

Thoughtfully, you say, "I may just have to wear a really odd looking gown, so I apologize for this."

You take a diamond-encrusted gown of icy hues from a gray pack with extra pockets.

You move about quickly and lose Marin "Wool" Qizzeke.

You say, "Moment.."

The western wing of the Archivium repository (v63056) - AREA: Spinesreach, ML AREA: Spinesreach

You remove an amethyst wisteria kimono of dove-gray silk.

You are now wearing a diamond-encrusted gown of icy hues.

-then walked back in-

The soft sparkle of tittering laughter issues from Marin as she covers her mouth, eyes unable to
hide the amusement.

You have emoted: Agothaxl brushes the gown into place, laughing at herself, "Worst surgeon ever.."

Marin says, "I have been meaning to make aprons for a few things. Perhaps a surgeon's apron would
not be such a bad idea."

You nod your head at Marin.

You say, "I'm pretty sure that I have plans for one somewhere, but I have all my cloth in the shop.
So, future thing to remember."

Idly, you say, "Steele always wore what he was wearing and didn't are, or went naked. I don't want
to scare you off with naked."

(( this may or may not be true tbh, but I went with it ))

With a half shrug, Marin says, "A body is a body. We all have them, and they are naught but our own.
I can understand why he would choose such at times."

Marin says, "If my scars do not make others flee, than I do not see why any other such thing would."

You have emoted: "Well, for future thoughts, then." Agothaxl says as she steps back over towards
you, gown shimmering with her movements that are loud and rustle. As she comes to your right side,
next to the table, she looks down at you and asks, "Do you wish to be under for this?"

Smiling, you say, "And your scars are lovely."

Marin lifts her head just a scarce bit to look down over herself, clicking her tongue. Her free hand
plucks a small pill from a pouch on a tactical thigh-strapped bandolier, summarily biting into it
with a shake of her head. "No. I will be fine. I must know that the price has been paid for it."
wt nah. Everything hates him. Remember that

You have emoted: "Do you mind if I try to distract you, mentally, from the pain?" Agothaxl says as
she tilts her head to the side.

With an amused tone, Marin smiles and says, "You may try."

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

You say, "Let's see how this goes, then."

You have emoted: Agothaxl beckons towards the pyramid and it floats towards her, coming to hover a
few feet above the pair. It turns around and shifts until it is impressed in the shape between wave
and swirl, and you can feel within you a mixture of mental instability and a fogginess of the mind.
Tilting her head to the side, the focus shifts towards you with her eyes, a hand coming to the area
between your breasts and a single digit taps against it, "I'll use my talons, to make it a little
simpler this time."

Marin nods her head and shifts her shoulders as comfortably as she can, closing her single eye.

You have emoted: "Alright then. Here we go." Agothaxl says as she goes to reach at the material of
the tunic. She tugs at it at from the bottom and pulls it up, balling up the materials up and over
until all of your torso is revealed and the materials rest not far from your neck. You can still
sense the token doing it's joke, helping clear your mind and distract it, as she brings her sharp
digit to the chest between the breasts just below where she placed the tunic pile and starts to
press down - digging in enough to cleanly cut through skin and some below it. She drags it downwards
steadily, blood pooling out from the new wound and pouring down the sides of your body - onto the
table - as she drags it down all the way to your navel. Tilting her head, you feel something in the
back of your head mentally and the amount of blood you feel trickling out slows down.

Marin's jaw tenses and her breath noticeably hitches for a moment before returning to its
concentrated rhythm. Her hand squeezes and tightens a worry stone, scarred fingers tapping it idly
as she lays as still as possible despite the exposure and freshly carved wound.

You have emoted: "You're doing lovely." Agothaxl says warmly, licking her maw with her forked tongue
a few times as she watches the blood spill. Now that the flesh is cut, her left hand comes over and
uses digits to pry the layers apart between the lower part of your lungs. Closing her eyes a moment,
she concentrates, and a shimmering - nearly pulsing - bloodstone starts to float through the air.
She snaps a hand upwards, grasping it with the right hand, and pinches it between two digits. The
right hand comes between the left's work and presses this bloodstone into the muscle just where the
abs begin and where the bone of the lungs ends. With a voice loud enough to be heard, she says, "Be
prepared. This is going to burn. A lot."

An uncomfortable grunt echoes from Marin's throat as the wound is pried and splayed, grinding her
teeth together tightly. A pause is held as she attempts to relax herself once more, slowly demanding
her crying muscles be still. "I am ready," she affirms through clenched teeth, a worry stone grasped
tightly in hand.

You have emoted: "Seems my psychic prowess needs some work." Agothaxl says with a forlorn tone as
she watches you. However, she nods, and goes about her business. Focusing her gaze upon the splayed
area, she pushes the bloodstone into the area firmly and closes her eyes. The token changes shape -
triangle to circle to square to circle, mixing up in a random cycle along with various complex
shapes impressing themselves throughout. While doing this, she chants in a gruff series of growls
and hisses, words that you cannot recognize. These actions cause a mix of things to wash through you
- your muscles to embrace around the bloodstone and try to drag it beneath them, your blood to
naturally cauterize and burn it to lock the area in place, and ties to nerves to be had. The area of
muscles is tense, burning, and the nerves ache as new sensations of warmth start to flood across
your body near immediately as the connections finalize themselves.

Marin squeezes her eye closed tighter, shaking her head at the comment, but remaining silent as the
burning sensation overtakes her. Her toes curl and pop, legs fidgetting on the table while she
remains otherwise still, unflinching even at the smell of blood and flesh being singed. "It has
been.. many years, since I elected to be cut so deep," she murmurs hushedly, mild pain but moreso
discomfort in her voice. "It is not.. mnhh.. often I undergo such sensations.."

You have emoted: "Makes one feel alive, doesn't it?" Agothaxl says in response as she lets her
concentrate slack off slowly - the final connections making themselves so. Nodding in satisfaction
at the work, she says warmly, "Let's test this a bit.." Gradually, her eyes close again,
concentration focusing on the bloodstone. With the focus comes a wash of heat that starts from the
bloodstone and burns light a comforting fire as it passes into every inch of your body - even to the
outermost digits. As she keeps her focus, she asks, "How is that? Warmer?"

At the spreading warmth, finally does Marin's eye open as she breathes out a languid breath. Her
face is painted with confusion, wiggling fingers and bare toes as she takes a few experimental
breaths, gazing off into the ceiling with notes of surprise to her voice. "Considerably.. oh, that
is an.. odd sensation.."

You have emoted: "It is, isn't it?" Agothaxl says as she lets her concentration slack off some,
leaving the warmth at this level. Tilting her head to the side, "Is that sufficient for me to close
you up?"

Marin bobs her head a few times, glancing down at her bare and bloodied torso and the singular gash
split down her middle with a slight grimace. "I can handle that part, at the least," she notes,
rising herself to her elbows with a grunt, her golden eye flitting to you. "Unless you need to do
anything else, Curator?"

You have emoted: "I just wanted to make it easier for you, that's all." Agothaxl admits as she pulls
her bloody hands away to rest at her sides. Smiling down at you, she nods towards the token, and it
backs off, "But, if this is good enough, we can stop here and you can seek me out if you need
training on how to adjust the warmth of its power."

Listening patiently, the bloodied woman closes her eye and with a concentrated exhale, motes of life
essence flit about her being. Passing in and out of her body, particularly the wound adorning her
abdomen, the flesh there stitches itself back together as the motes fade out about it, bloody tissue
reforming into a dark, thin line of faintly scarred tissue. Marin gives herself a moment before
swinging her legs over the edge of the table, disregarding the soaked clothes and their unmodest
covering. "I would like to hear at least the.. concept of it. I have naught but time, often alone,
so I could at least attempt to grasp the basics of it."

You have emoted: "Huh..that's one way to do it." Agothaxl says idly as she watches the wounds close
themselves up. Shaking her head out of her fuzz, she looks you directly in the eyes as you sit
upright, tilting her head to the side after a few moments, "Well, it's all about a connection the
bloodstone. How familiar are you with connecting to your body parts directly? Focusing on them,
besides the healing of flesh like you have done just now?"

Marin purses her lips and shakes her head, examining the reformed flesh with her scarred fingers. "I
am not very familiar. Even with life essence, it is more an effort of concetration and will than
focusing upon a singular thing like a limb.." A cant of her head sends bloodied tipped locks of
white hair swaying heavily. "Are you not used to seeing life essence manipulated?"

You have emoted: "Not in such a way as that, no." Agothaxl admits as she waves a hand towards
herself, "Working with my own body, bioessence and Idrethi work looks a little different. What you
do is more related to the Indorani ways, which I do not practice." Reaching out with her bloodied
left hand, she presses against the spot where the bloodstone rests beneath the skin, gaze shifting
towards it, "With this bloodstone, you will need to meditate. Take a moment. Focus on feeling your
blood, then your muscles, and then your nerves. Once you can sense your nerves, their very pulses,
you can use the natural essence in your body to direct or pull away several of them to the
bloodstone. Pushing towards it will add to the warmth, pulling away will remove some. If that makes
sense at all."

Marin places her own hand likewise against the embedded bloodstone, feeling idly around your hand at
her own flesh. "I see.. that will.. hm. Take some time to grow accustomed to, I am sure, but I do
not think it will be too hard a task." She readjusts herself to better focus, noting just
beforehand, "I do hope it is not.. unwelcome. The Indorani ways. While I learned from them, the best
of them, I myself hold no claim to their name. I am a necromancer in my own right.." A sigh slips
out, her reflective eye lidding heavily as she concentrates, murmuring, "I do not wish to be painted
with the same brush those before me were, I suppose.."

Marin closes her eye, draws in a deep breath, and then releases it slowly.

You have emoted: "I haven't judged you for your studies." Agothaxl says as she reaches up to your
chin with her free bloodied hand, titling your gaze up to hers, "You do what works for you, and
practice it well. Excel at it. As long as you are loyal to the safety of Sapience, and not the
demons or Chaos, then I will never push you aside or think bad of you." Smiling warmly, her gaze
shifts slowly down to where the hands are closeby each other at the bloodstone, "You can likely even
control it with your necromantic studies, it's just not something that the Xorani dabbled in much."
Balance Used: 1.00 seconds

Marin can't help but pinch her lips as a flush overtakes her already dark face, a grumbled, "Mn.."
escaping her as a response to you before her voice returns a touch quieter. "I will practice when I
have time, then. That I certainly have a surplus of.. though I might wish to go change, first.."

You have emoted: "I kind of like you all bloodied up." Agothaxl teases, having noticed the flush on
your cheeks. She lets her fingers on your chin stroke back and forth idly against either side of
your jawline before she retracts it back to her side. The other hand pulls away as well, all as she
takes a step backwards to give you space. Nodding once, she says, "There. I do recognize that your
need to do so, though. Even if you have lots of time on your hands, I shouldn't keep you from being

"It is often a state I find myself in, though often not in my own blood. Thankfully, I am harder to
end than others," Marin hums quietly, plopping herself back down onto the floor, wiggling her bare
toes against the stone. She pauses, looking down, and walks several odd circles, shuffling her feet
on the ground with a pleasant "Ooo.."

Marin smiles and says, "I can still feel the cold of the stone, too. It does not bite nearly so

Marin says to you, "Thank you, Curator. I owe you a great debt for this, truly."

You have emoted: "You owe me nothing." Agothaxl says brightly, beaming from side to side of her maw.

You say, "We'll catch up and soon, have a drink. You go settle into the new warmth."

Marin seems to think for a moment before nodding slowly.

You urge Marin onward.

Marin smiles and says, "Fates smile upon you, Curator."

You say, "I have plenty of time, too."

You smile and say, "And fates smile on you, Marin."

Marin waves goodbye.

You wave goodbye.

Marin leaves to the southeast.

------ fin ------


  • MarinMarin Member Posts: 3
    The only thing not shown is all of Marin's 'think' commands. This was a bunch of fun RP!
    "I think you are a great object of pain, and I marvel before you."
  • AgothaxlAgothaxl Member Posts: 58 ✭✭✭
    Marin said:

    The only thing not shown is all of Marin's 'think' commands. This was a bunch of fun RP!

    I really miss not being able to see the 'thinks' people do! Getting that back view can be so much fun.
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