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  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Promotions

    Alright, let's pull back the curtain a bit on being Producer. I don't want to be chained to a dev-blog, but I would like you the players having insight into, and input into, the Producery things I end up doing. First, let's talk promotions.

    These are what I was warned about when discussing the job. The intention is to push a constant monthly drip of content and boost monthly sales, giving reasons for people to keep coming back and doing new things other than a big storyline event. While largely directed by IRE (such as chests, giftbags, etc), I have control over the content of these promotions. So each month I will be given a task, and I have to find a way to make it new; see the molds, minipet tokens, pelt hoods, etc. It gets tougher as we go because you and I both don't want to see promos devolve into "Oh, what minipets is Tiur going to add this month?"

    So let's try this: What do you like about the promotions? Do you hate certain ones? What would you like to see in them? Do you not like the random prize tables? I know that I personally got really sick of seeing grimstim pills when I wanted relic pieces.

    In exchange for such blatant tapping of market data, I'll share with you my thought process on May's promotions:

    Giftbags should be less value than chests, but ultimately run the same ratio: we want them tied to what a credit sale would give you. Generally that means that you want the prizes to average out as a win in the favor of the players, but not quite enough that no one wants credits anymore. That's not a ton of room to play around in, eh? In this case I decided to go with a series of new 5 credit items, which allows me to ensure that they show up frequently alongside other items without decreasing the odds for major and minor prizes (it's around 20% for the new stuff, and I had to knock down odds for things like voxes and styles).

    Minipet merge tokens sounded like fun. Minipets don't do enough, so I thought this added a nice function, and also helped reduce our MASSIVE stock of minipets that never get summoned after being uncaged. The sad little guys just sitting there in storage depressed me.

    Molds addressed a specific problem with relics, while also reducing the staggering amount of unwanted pieces in the game. The specific problem is that when we offer a relic, people end up with a bunch of useless pieces the moment that relic sale ends. Essentially, good money or effort just poofs because a date changed. We can offer a mold and it always has value, so expect to see more of those paired to new relics. Even if you don't finish the relic, a mold gives you a solid chance to do so on your own time.

    So, go! Tell me about promotions.