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  • Re: LOVE

    Inhaling sharply, you raise your arms beside you, bringing them up above your head as if conducting an orchestra. Cocking your head to the side, you close your eyes and begin to concentrate upon a distant, focal point within yourself. Completely unbeknownst to you, the shadow cast by your frame suddenly jerks to life, slithering from your connecting feet upwards, seemingly guided by a mind of its own. Inky tendrils that form the insubstantial hands of your shadow sink deep into your chest, causing your eyelids to flicker open as you gasp at the sharp pain that resonates from the very fibres of your being. Completely ignorant of you, the formless figment continues its relentless motions, before finally fading away into nothingness. For a moment or two, nothing seems to happen, before agonizing pain ripples through your body. You feel your chest being torn apart, then reformed and re-molded with your plentiful reserves of essence deep within. As the pain ebbs, you are assailed with the realization that you have embraced your new, destructive form as Azudim. The skies darken momentarily as tendrils of shadow creep across the firmament to form the terrible visage of the Azudim, Evalyne.

    Yeah, I know, maybe not that much of an accomplishment, but I was happy with achieving this in less than a week of playtime.
  • Re: Short Questions

    Is there a way to delete spurious customisations?

    I made one for a belt and then got a better belt from the giftbags last month >.>
  • Re: Roles and Reasons

    I've had a few blatantly evil characters I've abandoned because it gets to be a real draw on the mental health to try and continuously outdo your previous in-character sins like that. So on that note, I can agree it can suck to be the bad guy.

    I have to disagree that good guys are easier, though. Evil is much easier to write than good, because being good is HARD. There's a reason why Satan gets all the good speeches in Paradise Lost while God's scenes are a snooze-fest. It's the reason why CS Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters and didn't even attempt to write the side-book about angels; he desperately wanted to but knew he wasn't talented enough.

    Even at the level of RP, Aetolia is a grim horror setting, and that wears on our characters' minds. I don't believe I've ever seen a single person actually role-playing a good guy successfully.
    I played one for a long, long time in Imperian, actually. (Not Anette, my character before her), and well, I don't name her for a reason - pretty much everyone ended up hating her. The problem with good in that respect is that if you hold yourself and your peers to a high standard, everyone's going to fall short of it eventually. And being super-Antioch-zealously she didn't really suffer those who failed those virtuous standards lightly. It became wearying because a truly good character, (especially, I should think, in Aetolia, grimdark and all or whatever you'd call it,) is essentially going to be an island. Well, either you become an island holding onto virtue or you give into things yourself, if only in little bits perhaps. Doesn't take much of that before you're playing someone else entirely.

    I had a thought to do that with Miki but eh, it doesn't fit her. Even her bouts of alcoholism I have nagging issues with because she really does 100% want to be that person that is the knight in shining armour archetype. She just doesn't live up to her own expectations >.>
  • Re: Valkyrior system (Mudlet)

    Coding the HP/MP gauge readouts was an exercise in dealing with the fact that Geyser is kind of naff. I'd report it to Mudlet but they ignore me/tell me I don't know what I'm talking about so whatever. Had to go into the primitives to make them update properly. Given up on centering them for now.

    But it works now:

    Yeah I know the percentages are a bit dodgy. Lua's math.floor doesn't seem very reliably accurate in that regard and I don't feel like rewriting a whole library. It works "good enough" for now.
  • Re: Roles and Reasons

    Evalyne is definitely meant to be what I would define as an interesting antagonist - which is to say - very few people that we would call evil ever believed themselves to be truly *evil*. Even Manson thought he was being persecuted rather than doing macabre things. They had reasons, motives, and costs and benefits they considered, and they took what they felt was the proper course of action. Evalyne for her part is me playing with the idea of an embittered tsol'aa survivor who rather than grow close to the deceased Lleis basically blamed her inaction (and by association, those of the Light) for her people's suffering. There's probably plotholes in that because it involves events that happened while I was still in Imperian, but it's interesting enough.

    What's exceedingly difficult is finding people who provide a useful foil. Combatants (sorry guys) are a dime a dozen, but unless you're roleplaying too, you're at best basically being the NPC enemies the player fights in a typical RPG. Maybe you beat me, maybe you dont (probably you beat me right now though, I have no automated combat), but without something more substantial behind it, it's filler.

    The difficulty in finding a useful foil is sooner or later one of us are going to lose. Sometimes that might happen to one of us all of the time. Maybe it goes back and forth. Unless the roleplaying is particularly captivating, losing is never fun, and this is a game we play for our enjoyment. Evalyne is probably a right b---- to some of you in character (sorry!) but that's in character, and it's kind of important to me to know the player(s) on the other side of the other screen(s) are enjoying themsleves too. Elsewise, why bother?

    Ultimately, I've enjoyed Chakrasul's congregation immensely, and have @kodaza mostly to thank for that, with a few other supporting roles I'm not going to out since they're not representatives. And that's important. My experience with Imperian taught me that I can think I'm the baddest mofo around, if I don't have allies, I'm eventually going to get bored (and after that, frustrated), and well, eventually move on, as I did with coming here.

    Meanwhile, in contrast, I found my interest in playing my paladin - well, Templar, now - flagging despite the role being something that usually appeals to me in a big way, because it's very exhausting, she has little support from the people around her, and she feels like an island. I log in and I have a million things pulling her down (hunger and sleep being not the least of those annoyances, since the areas in which she can hunt are ideologically limited quite significantly and she hasn't had any hunting buddies except for one time.)

    Community is from my experience the most important thing, and ultimately, the reason I end up playing a bad gal is because it's where I found that sense of belonging.

    As far as things like NPCs and PCs, I regard actions done to NPCs as the same as PCs really, but not, at the same time? Allow me to expand: I think of PC as like the celebrities/heroes/popular people of the city. There's a ton of people in Loch or Enorian or whereever. Most of them, we'll never know their name. Some of them we do, but they're small time players - that Enzo guy who takes all the vermin we kill for instance - he's someone that we'd be annoyed if he died or something happened to him, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. Meanwhile, if Evalyne lost Kodaza for whatever reason, being the order contact she's closest to, it would harm and distress her a great deal, so she would react more strongly. I think that's a pretty sane and rational way to look at that split, though I'd agree that traditionally, many do not share that view.

    Generating a conflict is a community endeavour too - we are all co-authors of that story, and to some degree bounds of acceptability have to be agreed upon at least implicitly if not explicitly, and direction is something that can itself be a locus of conflict. The pressure points of the traditional "RPers versus PKers" split on Imperian always came down to those with artifact weight and some combat prowess essentially using that to stamp out potential roleplay, individuals who would then turn around and complain about the lack of meaningful conflict. RP and PK always go hand in hand, and you have to have some basic respect for all involved if you want it to remain something worthwhile, in my opinion.

    To return to my primary point of discontent when it comes to Evalyne, frankly, getting more than choleric response from people who want violence and little more out of the Light side has been frustrating. I don't want it to just be series of PK duels. Evalyne needs a protagonist to her antagonist. And that has thusfar been maddeningly difficult to find. A lot of this seems to have to do with the current climate in Enorian, where mere association is being used to brand people enemy, and I think that kind of short-sighted thinking may be appropriate in-role, but it makes Enorian boring, stodgy, and frankly not worth the effort of writing a deep villain.

    So before you bemoan the lack of people willing to ham it up with proper theatrical antagonists, consider the confluence of events that result in that occurring.

    It can be tiring to play either side, but a player with a large credit investment like me, risks much by stirring the pot. Keep that in mind as well. It is why you gain periods of inertia.