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  • I like finding fun RP wherever possible. So, I had to do this and of course, it took a little convincing to get him to agree to meet. (Spoiler) I am disappointed that I overslept and didn't have time to code in a one off joke where the sigil …
  • So customisations don't usually refund. Both mages will have staffs, but you might like other options. Are there other options? It is a mystery.
  • Iazamat said: 2019/06/17 19:31:23 - Giliand has claimed the bounty of 25000 gold on Swara. Honestly, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's taking advantage of mechanical loopholes to avoid consequences and simultaneously benefit. I was …
  • Do explain! Is it something needing fixing? E: An attentive Celani explained it in small words with pauses for me to nod. We're kinda of two minds on it, but it can go in the stack for brainstorming a solution. My first thought is that you should …
  • Fellow migraine sufferers represent.
  • I don't even get it, I just don't care. Quit whatever low key passive stuff this is. Don't anyone add to it, just stop.
  • Literally supposed to be hidden. Like someone made a testfish "an old boot" and it spawns, gets counted, but isn't actually there.
  • Endgame races are def on our list to get making more sense. Aet is long into a project to get rid of Achaeastuff (tm). We have, for the most part, gotten rid of everything. Mage revamp takes care of the last iconic class. Yeah, Monk... but that's m…
  • Thanks everyone, it's been terrible because everything I do is missing her. Even logging on to work, she should be asleep next to me, waiting for me to quit being boring and throw the ball.
    in LOVE Comment by Tiur June 7
  • We lost our fight with cancer yesterday. Much love for over ten years of putting up with me, and being the best dog I've ever known.
    in LOVE Comment by Tiur June 7
  • I will bring up your opinions about back to back lootboxes to IRE in our meeting later in the week! Part of it is my fault, see, I needed something on the scale of the wheel... and while these are boxes of loot, they are also the Wheel. Sorta. The …
  • Clearly I still have a lot to learn! There is currently no plan to rebalance the end/wp drains, so give me a msg ingame and we'll refund it.
  • It's a huge task that we don't have a lot of time for. Sometimes we do stealth update. I'm still not sure why HELPEDIT isn't exactly what you're looking for? You submit a request for a new file or edit to existing, Imvra/me reviews, bam, the inform…
  • Hm! We do have LOOKUP/Dictionary, and players are always able to msg Becue with ideas to update that. We also have the HELP 17 section that can be updated using HELPEDIT. I suppose we could look at making something like helpedit for the dictiona…
  • Mortals shouting nonsense until Gods yell shut up has been a time-honoured tradition for over 15 years. You used a Sapience wide means of communication, and got a reply from a Divine; most players feel like that's part of the fun. In fact, a number …
  • It will make a terrible mess on the floor. And no one wants to drink floor-elixir, the five second rule does not apply.
  • The official admin stance is that they existed and did their things, so their rankings and such stand. We might find time to put them in a different part of the members lists, it's not a bad idea. Clans that are abandoned are weird. Mostly, they bo…
  • The messages are being coded as Quality Control releases them. Event mobs are made, locations too.
  • Alrighty, I think we're good here
  • It would be one of those rare things like an auction artifact. I really don't like adding to the customize queue. It can get a bit daunting.
  • Whoops. I didn't mean to do that!
  • Let's just not go there! We didn't ask.
  • Nope, Raz says I'm wrong and we do. Time to cheat!
  • Nah, we don't show like that. If we did I'd just cheat and inflate the numbers all the time.
  • Regardless of the org style outcome, we are wanting to put in something like the Templar patrols in for every guild. You have solid agreement from the Pools that little quests and idle things like that are a definite boon. I definitely disagree wit…
  • Well, a lot of it is being discussed in the org structure thread. Generally, we don't think guild/city unification has quite worked out... I STILL get asked to let guilds leave a city. But we're not sure how to rectify it. A ton of ideas are floatin…