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  • Thank you both, and yay it worked. I kept replacing the word name with my name, having the DUH feeling now.
  • Trying to put back up my custom havens entrance and having problems with the 3P message. It keeps telling me You must include your name in the message with the $name token. So i have tried $Neoma and $(Neoma$) as specified in customization and vario…
  • WHY SHOULD WE VOTE ? Because we love the game pure and simple. I have been playing Aet for something like 12 years and i would be terribly disappointed to lose it. But if all of you people that enjoy the game dont start voting the game will dwindl…
  • Yay back in top 10. KEEP VOTING!
  • @Xavin thanks, it works with decay. But it only adds 3 % to my damage not 5% as stated. I am going to bug it.
  • The hunting boon for Indorani is a bone idol and i am wondering if it is only for bone dagger or if it works for decay also? If not then we need a decay boon for those of us who prefer to hunt with decay.
  • Get ready, point finger and press VOTE! I vote pretty much every day, even when things change that are not my favorite, I vote cause I know there is a team doing their damn best to try and make the game even better.
  • Someone told me about this thread and I felt I should come see for myself. @Havlok you are right that i was not very nice, but my words were not exactly as you told them. I am a long time player and most people know me for being quite easy and not a…
  • @Oleis First let me say I am pleased with the novices being handled by the city and I like the new possibilities we have with the positions in guilds. Kudos for that! Also I am all for the new inductees and even older members who are below a certain…
  • Nevermind, they are back. Must have been hiding in the mud.
    in Fishing Comment by Neoma March 2017
  • Where did all the muddy catfish go? Pachacacha river use to be full, now cant find one in the river or anywhere else. @Ashia did you obliterate them all?
    in Fishing Comment by Neoma March 2017
  • I can see the advantage in being to WREST people from their haven either in a friendly necessity or to slap some loud mouth who hides. BUT the part I hate is not being able to defup in my haven. I always log out from my haven and sometimes in aggre…
  • I like the latest changes to the orrery, at least it will split people up and make it more a strategy thing where planning is possible and lest of just a king of the mountain thing. I also support that anyone holding a globe should have the hostil…
  • Cons: - Bloodloch loses its status as City of Undeath Ok if the only con to Bloodloch accepting living is loosing the name then we better get a pretty damn cool name if it all happens. Ok another question, Would Loch accepting living alleviat…
  • Bloodloch's admitted non-undead several times in its past, it's not a big deal. I think the difference is Undeath. Bloodloch citizens use to be Blooded or Living, and the Infernals and Indorani were living guilds in Bloodloch. I think things chang…
  • Woot I just got unenemied to Shastaan Warrens. I went back and tried talking to people...i mean really talking and asking what you want not just greeting them. So this is a hint for you all.
  • Nope no box and I even tried giving gold to the leader and he just snatch it and said nothing lol
  • I started doing a lot of quests i had previously ignored but I cannot do the one in Shastaan Warren because I am enemied. I have yet to figure out how to get unenemied and the few people I asked in-game did not know. Is it possible and can anyone he…
  • @zsadist, well first I don't want to give up my name as you also did not want to. Then there is a certain responsibility to the people who join the kinship and became Bouchards, I am not about to run off and drop them. So the decision was taken to b…
  • I take back my thanks to @keroc. This feels like a kick in the shins. I was sooo looking forward to the rituals. That was my favorite part of being a bloodborn and hematurgy but you made it inaccessible to me and many others. I guess you guys are ju…
  • yeah here is are Canadian tips in case of an incoming snow storm 1) make sure you have plenty of beer and munchies 2) stay home where it is safe 3) huddle with your mate and watch movies lol sorry could not resist
  • Thanks @keroc for looking at bringing back the binding ritual, hope you will think about the vision ritual also.
  • With the character retirement option I think that the demand for the binding ritual is now high and should be return. There is a lot of stuff I miss from hematurgy but the vision and binding rituals are missed and needed by everyone!
  • In hematurgy we had the ritual of binding which would change the sire of an individual, is there anything similar now? If so i do not see it.
  • Looking at character retirement from people who stay behind. For example when a vampire retires what happens to its progeny? When people suicide the childer moves to their sire's sire, but this is not so with retirement.
  • ok someone correct me if I am wrong. Scythe stance is gone and we will now wield a shield and most likely a one handed weapon Frenzy is now the main hunting skill So why would I need or want to keep my charged rune of empowerment? My reasons for ha…
  • @Dristin understandable, a list of just the main points is good. Thanks
  • I was also unable to attend the townhall meeting because it is the season for staff parties and what not. RL interfering with the game. Outrageous! I had already messaged Dristin my question and got an answer.. not the one I wanted but "c'est l…
  • So the tarelian transport to the plateau is no more as it was only there during the celebration. I am curious if this will be an annual thing? Also wondering how the Sun Drinker killing off part of the talon council will affect this.
  • I must say I my latest mount. Snorting angrily, a chaos stallion paws at the ground restlessly. This stallion is fairly normal in form, sturdy and strong. He stands at roughly seven feet in height and is covered in bulky muscles. The thin layer…