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Victoria, Australia
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Victoria, Australia


  • I’m coming in from a personal point of view instead of a voice of the staff, and I don’t disagree with you on the importance of having our files more up to date. Or updating current content. Truth be told, we ARE slowly working through old areas an…
  • Now with Tani! This is the picture collection I mentioned. It makes me smile while I’m at my full-time job and also constantly makes me think about Aetolia.  Thank you to the artists that have helped grow it so far. 
  • I was looking at my wall at work and the various art pieces of Aetolia I have hanging there that make me smile, and I realized, I don't have one of Dragon Mom! @Eleanor helped me quickly rectify it. Here She is in chib form, your Star of Midwinter.…
  • Hello! Everyone has answered all of your questions, but I wanted to drop a note for two reasons: 1) We will expand with more oils in the future, but there is no ETA on when. The idea is to allow you to make your own oils with various, realm-wide i…
  • I appreciate your questions, but I won't name characters, and by extension, players, myself. I have no desire to put anyone in a place they don't want to be. If they would like to join in themselves, they are welcome. Otherwise, the question of 'wh…
  • Hello friends! I apologize for getting involved, after shouting - in a way that has generally felt fluid on Tanixalthas - to join in. As a result, after getting to interact with a couple of people due to the shouts, even after I wasn't fully vis…
  • I have said it before, to players who have been impacted by decisions that seem left field, in meetings with players when I’m trying to help solve a problem and on previous forum threads.  We, the team, aren’t perfect. You see it when things fall t…
  • Hey friends. Imvra has been handling this thread with grace, so I haven’t felt the need to join in on the topic and the only reason I am is to reassure you of this: We haven’t made any decisions on anything regarding organisations yet.  A l…
  • Just a reminder that this is here for our streaming community, we are getting some traction now. Everyone is welcome, artists who accept commissions, viewers, streamers of all styles.  I can can also help new streamers setup their software and firs…
  • Also, to clarify, as a few people have asked - my reference to Wayfarers is simply a comparison to them having their own free standing tutor for the class, Indorani is not becoming untethered. 
  • There will be a way to reach her for those without the class, without having to rely on the class, but there’s some changes we are making to balance things out. You’ll see it in the next day or two. 
  • Character Name: Kyna, the Cookie Monster THE ESSENTIALS Race: Celani Inmortal Gender: Female Guild/House: The Pools City: Dough Town Order: the Order of the Cookie THE LOOK Hair: Cerulean feathers Eyes: Black Height: Smol Build: Lithe. Dangerously…