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  • You're missing the point and taking it personally. Don't do that. 
  • Huge pet peeve of mine is arguing technicalities vs. reality. Technicality: Chaos Lord has no passive "curing" according to Rhyot. Reality: Chaos Lord has passive aff resistance, at least on some level. He's resisted bruising afflictions at the ve…
  • Literally all I read was 'delete shaman'.
  • I have a mixed opinion. I think skill secrecy in the general sense, like 2005 era skill secrecy when you had players deliberately lying their faces off about things, is terrible. I think some ambiguity that requires interaction however, is good. Ch…
  • I'm like 90% certain Tiur said they had to redo most of the writing to incorporate staffs or something.  Also, I would assume you would be refunded if it came out and you used magic slingshots and the staff was useles . 
  • People who immediately go OOC to whine after they die in open PK zones and then act holier than thou later on.
  • I'm peeved that I had to listen for years about how X was unfair, or Y was unfair. About how A thing or B thing my tether did was uncool and unfair. I'm peeved that I did my best, along with a few other players, to police this type of behavior. I'm …
  • Lemme find a single typo.
  • I'm assuming Anatoli's trial will be held this weekend or are we just ignoring the orgreq feature entirely to smooth over Tiurs public blunders
  • I would like to think whatever instances thing happened in Lusternia was just super poor implementation.  If you don't automate whatever it is you're doing in Aetolia, you're losing out to those who do. If you instance things and then balance accor…
  • A gold sink is when gold disappears into the void, not when it goes from one player to another. 
  • They gotta buy a new cartridge, Iaza was right. Those things are expensive af too being all vintage. Promo refresh better be real good or we're never getting mages.
  • Geez will you guys quit making me feel bad for getting my kitten
    in LOVE Comment by Emir June 12
  • It's not a carry over. It was implemented in both games at the same time. Was one of Matts friends or something. I remember a fuss was being thrown over it because it broke peoples immersion or some crap.
  • Or today even.
  • That statue is there by royal decree of Emperor Mihaly and will never be removed. 
  • Everyone knows blowing the cartridge out is the longest part. Gotta blow it out, put it in, turn it on and off 7 times, rinse repeat.
  • The end result would just be tighter coordination on aff calling and even more salt being directed at classes like Archivist for having too fast of an affliction based insta kill.
    in Group PK and YOU Comment by Emir June 7
  • August at the earliest.
  • Is Quality Control releasing a single word a day?
  • Barrels!
    in LOVE Comment by Emir June 6
  • Nah the way he used tether was exactly how anyone who had Zealot would have used it, because it was that damn broken. 
    in Zealot Comment by Emir June 5
  • @Haven yo can you go tell Duiran about that snuggly to savage transition?
  • Belgarion said: So with the latest announce, I actually feel confident that it is all about to happen...I just had to go through some surgery myself and will be out of commission for work for all of this week, and maybe some of next...BOY, if t…
  • Holy unicorns dude this is 2019 not 2005.
    in Zealot Comment by Emir June 5
  • Disable: Disabling parry matters. Rebuke: Then don't just spam rebuke, rebuke when you're not using soothing affs, or rebuke reflexively in niche scenarios where you can't 100% know where someone is going to hit you, and you say to yourself, man do…
    in Zealot Comment by Emir June 4
  • Wow I actually didn't read the last part of your post. Holy flame bait batman.
    in Zealot Comment by Emir June 4
  • Disable: You can't disable suggest because yes, it is /vital/ to their offense. Kai Cripple and Madness are gated by cooldowns or Kai and are meant to be used opportunistically rather than spammed, hence the gates, hence why you can disable them. …
    in Zealot Comment by Emir June 4
  • A clay golem uses Animation Barrel on you. <-- My golem. A clay golem barrels headlong into you, knocking you over before the force of its great bulk. Health Lost: 215, blunt, none A clay golem quickly catches you and props you back up. <-- Al…
  • Dear Diary, Day 546. There is still no new mage. I quit using the class months ago, to help ease the transition, to lessen the pain of losing spells and magic and I had grown so close too. Wondering if Lord Severn has pushed back the revamp in an a…