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    Why would they? I think your defensive capabilities are out of this world, but the offensive capabilities look pretty mild at best.
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    I think if anything level 200 earned you some defensive capabilities. Seeing this might also motivate others now to achieve what was previously unknown. It’s now a tangible goal as it’s not shrouded in mystery.

    Also your offensive skills have buildup for the big booms akin to like shaman or other classes it’s nothing gamebreaking. It’s cool as hell
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    I don't usually comment on stuff like this, but you realize not using it is a lot like a kid being forced to show another kid his new toy and then deciding it's no longer worth playing with, right? Nobody wants to stop you from enjoying it. They just wanna be able to combat it in pk.
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    Stine said:
    Just like I told you in tells when you decided to tell me you hate me this morning, nobody I know has said a word or even a joke about putting in a classlead for Chaos skills. 
    Don't feel bad. He randomly called me an idiot years ago when i liaisoned for the blackout reduction artifact to be nerfed because it was  generally agreed upon that the power of the artifact broke precedents set by others. People don't like it when you take away what makes them feel special 🤷🏿‍♂️
    They didn't listen when I said Shamans were strong in groups. 
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    @Illidan I ally-ooped that one for you that was like my cause. haha.
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