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    Okay - I've been back for several months now and have been peeling back the layers that are Rhine. So, figure it is time to Necro this and see how I am doin!
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    "Most marvelous and splendid gemling Rhine! A thousand-thousand forum posts of Self-Affirmation to you!" - the Sentinels, 2019.

    Rhine is a true diamond in the rough! The Pride would lack some of its joviality and familial attitude if she weren't around. The guild is very fond of their Heart of the Pride, and it shows. She seems to be regarded as a mature, rational maternal figure; this works out well, because the rest of guild can have their moments of immaturity. Not to mention, she has a surprising resilience to the Prideleader's bad jokes!

    Rhine has been a fantastic foil of a friend for Iesid. She is level-headed, witty, and seems to always have a positive outlook. Where he can be very hot-headed or willing to just fly by the seat of his pants, Rhine tends to urge him to be more introspective and patient. This has really tempered his policy decisions and it has taught him some lessons that he has carried to other sectors of his life. I suppose I mention this because it's an affirmation that your character makes an impact on others.

    It has been very interesting to see the changes that have developed in her character over time. I remember the first few times that Rhine decided to confide in Iesid; it's fun to think back on that and see how she has changed!

    You have a fantastic writing style that I have really come to enjoy interacting with ever since these two have become friends. It has, thus far, been very fun! Thank you so much for playing a wonderful character that brightens up a guild with her sparkling gems and personality. 
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    I am IN LOVE with the way Sera and Rhine's relationship is going. Sera didnt want to get attached (what if something went wrong?) But Rhine was always there to encourage her (safely) and remind her with one of those "remember what happened last time" (whiskey anyone?) Kind, nurturing, firm when needed, you portray Rhine wonderfully. And I know it took awhile, but she finally called Rhine 'mum,' which seemed like a perfect moment the other night despite the swimming fiasco.

    <3 <3
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    You will always be "Tiny" Aquila to Haven. I should have him seek her out at some point.
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    @Haven, wouldn't you have to... idk... play?
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    Bumpity boppity boo!

    Had -some- new interactions lately and just wanted to see if there is any feedback!!
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