• AishiaAishia Queen Bee
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    My life has seen a Crowning moment. Thank you @Didi

  • yay ego
  • Lady Aishia, Queen of the Pickled Beets.

    Rules in tandem to Lady Serrice, Liege of the Potato

  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    Your first and last mistake is forgetting the potato thing is MY thing Serrice aint no potato anything.
  • I love Aishia and the random letters she occasionally sends Xenia, especially when they contain a corpse that she can draw a heart from!

  • The last time we RP'd there was angry scarf removal and challenges on who could whip it off with more fury. I still think about this, smile and then contemplate the cookbook these two would write together.

  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
    We haven't interacted a ton recently but your shouts make me giggle, silly harpy lady.

  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee

  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    (ಠ v ಠ )
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    Spam at my shame at triple bumping this myself. I wouldn't mind a kind word!
  • I haven't interacted with you for quite awhile, but when I have previously I've always enjoyed it. You have a way of playing a 'quirky', strange character who sings seemingly random things and behaves unpredictably but rewards you for paying attention and listening with actual depth to back it up. It's not a gimmick or a surface-level affectation, it's something that responds to interaction. It's nice, and not very common in my experience in Aet.
  • MoxieMoxie USA
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    Three years ago Aishia came crashing into Moxie during an Enorian dawn prayer and I've not gotten over my serious girl crush of her since. She is ornery, quirkily quotable, and has an ego that makes Kanye's look trivial. She has developed this best friend dynamic with Moxie, which really cool and awkward in the same breath because she's also Moxie's mother (However she won't let moxie call her by real name lest she turns into a pumpkin). Finally, because I feel like I can write up a whole essay about Aishia, she has given Moxie a lot of room to be free spirited and independent yet always seems to be there during times of self-doubt to provide that motherly validation only the harpiest of harpies can do.

    (Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

    (Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

    Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

    (Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."
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