Any Nexus systems out there?

DavinaDavina Member Posts: 1
So, over the past while, I got used to Nexus a great deal and, even though I have used Mudlet before, I just can't ease into it much nowadays. I am using a system with a GUI but I just miss the utility of the modern-day Nexus.

Are there any Nexus systems out there for Aetolia? I couldn't find any at a glance around this topic so I'm curious if anyone is using something that isn't in a popular topic. Yeah, I know the ideal way would be for me to build it myself but I'm really bad at coding and just trying to ask here first.


  • AyunaAyuna Member Posts: 12
    I mean, I solely use Nexus but I don't have a system completed yet. You kind of have to build it from the ground up as there is not much help out there. If you are looking for stuff non-combat wise, or even support combat, I can help you.
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