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    I have three loves:

    I love that lent is over. 🥩 🥖 🥗

    I’ve been burnt out at my job for a long time and I I finally asked for a third day off during the week. While I can’t take it until the kids start transitioning into summer, my boss okayed it as soon as we have extra help. That alone has helped me feel less stressed. Having more free time will feel amazing, especially as the transition to law school is in full swing.

    I just hit “submit” on another law school application. I’ve been prepping since I was like...5 years old to be a lawyer and it's so surreal that this time next year I could be close to finishing my first year of law school. I love that being done with the last of the work means I can start focusing on my art and writing with @Zarni.

    (Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
  • EydisEydis Member Posts: 132 ✭✭✭
    I got my first law school interview!

    (Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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    At first glance, this mantis looks like a living flower, its body, limbs, and head shaped like the petals of a flower. The insect is a pale, snowy white in color that fades into a beautiful lavender with a touch of pink at its limbs. A pair of angled antennae stick out of the top of its head, twitching occasionally.

    there's a vyxsis minipet, so now my life is complete
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
    An Atzob cultist says, "Is a shamatato as tasty as a potato?"
    (Tells): From afar, Mephistoles hisses harshly to you, "Hey baby, show me your ovipositor?"
    The mighty Jy'Barrak Golgotha opens his maw, catches the glowing spear in his many jagged teeth, and chomps down. The Divine spear breaks with a noise like thunder, shards toppling from the Emperor's jaws. "OM NOM NOM!" He declares, then spits the last of the ruined weapon from his lips.

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    I love this art Eydis did of Arista!!!

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    I have been reading more Terry Pratchett and I gotta say, I love his writing style and the humor he casually infuses into every page. I’m gonna have to read all of the disc world now lol. 

    (Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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    @Stine and @Oonagh Thank you for being awesome :)
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    Barrels! :)
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    Tiur said:

    We lost our fight with cancer yesterday. Much love for over ten years of putting up with me, and being the best dog I've ever known.

    Sorry about your loss @Tiur , losing a companion is sometimes the hardest.
    Lots of hugs, sir.
    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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    Slight derail, but I was so tempted to click 'Awesome' on your post, @Tiur , just because it has the heart icon. So...just be warned if anyone awesome's your post. Hope you can take the time you need.
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    What a beautiful puppy!

    They always have a special place in our hearts that are hard to fill by anyone else. I'm sorry the loss of your beloved pup, may fond memories comfort you and bring you peace.

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    Thanks everyone, it's been terrible because everything I do is missing her. Even logging on to work, she should be asleep next to me, waiting for me to quit being boring and throw the ball.
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    Hey you can't turn my templar mocking joke into a real thing
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    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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    So begins the reign of terror that chickens may cause. 

    They showed us what they can do in Sekiro... Now they will show us what they can do in Aetolia. 

    Beware the chickens.

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    Don't alert Trikal to this latest game development. 

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    Well successful reheating at least
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