Wtf with the boons?

So I’m out of town for a week on a roadtrip for some family emergency stuff.

I’ve been logging in because I wanted to give boons to the Order while we have active members and not an active divine.... I figured least I can do is save on essence loss from death by giving a boon to the people present who are actively participating.

I tried today

Seems it got capped so what’s the point of providing essence if we can’t use it and why no Changelog or update on this?


  • KerocKeroc A small cupboardAdministrator, Immortal
    It's been limited to once a howling for a long, long time.
  • The boon should last 24 hours and I did it last night last... so either they are wearing off super early or something bungled
  • KerocKeroc A small cupboardAdministrator, Immortal
    edited May 2019
    Benedicto cast the boon power last night. This post is before the howling, which makes me think you tried before the howling, so I can only assume it is all working like it should.

    Edit: I'll just add quickly that if you already have a boon/favour/blessing from the God in question, you won't get another with the Boon shrine power. So that can cause a window where you won't have one and it make seem like its wearing off early.
  • The you are: part after that is me checking godfeelings and it stating I don’t have any. I won’t worry about it if it’s not an issue I’m more or less trying to avoid my in-laws right now. Sounds good
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