*Brace* Okay, have been playing for a while and Swara's interacted with a good handful of people I think. Hit me with thoughts!


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    *prepares pillowcase full of oranges, labelled "Thoughts"*

    Swara's a dream to talk to and play with. A bit annoying at times (who isn't?), but wouldn't trade her for another amongst Tekias' friends.
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  • @Swara

    I am so glad I've had the chance to roleplay with you! Until today, it had mostly been in the context of awesome party-barging and Illuminai tests, but with the festival planning and with the Incident during today's test Ianthe took, Swara has some surprises I seriously look forward to getting to know better.

    You write her *very* well. I definitely picture her behavior around noob Ianthe as this graceful, self-possessed Yeleni, even when she's pushing alcoholic drinks into Ianthe's never-before-had-alcohol hands.

    On a player level, I also hugely, immensely appreciate how you took Ianthe's in character (and my out of character through Ianthe) question about socialization to heart! I'm super pumped both by plans for the future and how Ianthe's being swept up and involved, just as she earnestly requested that she be.

    Two thumbs *way* up for Swara.
  • Sweet sweet Swara. She's one of Rhine's best friends and I am sooo glad the two of them met. You play her so well. She has flaws and strengths, both of which make for an interesting and dynamic character. I enjoy your writing and love when we actually get them together for shenanigans.
  • Swara, Swara, Swara!

    Iesid and Swara have a very interesting relationship. In a way, he does for her what he tries to do for most others: provide mentorship and guidance. While I played Iesid as a gloryhound for most of my active time, I've slowly tempered that to something different in that he finds glory or achieves change by encouraging others to heights of greatness. Swara is a HUGE part of that; the time he, alongside Ostelle, chased her down to the Isle of Despair was a memorable scene and example of this. It gave Iesid a chance to pass on lessons that Omei taught him, and I see the way those lessons were incorporated into Swara going forward. While I hope we never run into a situation where such course correction is necessary again, it was definitely very fun. I'd say it was the actual start of their social interaction.

    You play Swara as a convincing emotional powerhouse. She has flaws and strengths, something I really admire in people's writing of their characters. She has a story and a purpose that absolutely shine through in all your interactions not just with my character, but others around him. Swara's name comes up far more than you might think. That is the mark of a great character: when others bespeak the nature of your own, you are doing something right.

    Things have fallen by the wayside between the two, but I look forward to kickstarting some story arcs and one with Swara is definitely on the list.
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