Oh no! Yet another "Hi, I'm from X, and I want to see if Aetolia is my new IRE Home!" post

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Basically, it's what the title says. Played around with Starmourn a good bit, and while there's a good skeleton there, it's not quite meaty enough to occupy my time. I like a decent bit of crunch with my RP, you know?

That being said, Aetolia is the game I've always played for a week or three and then bounced off of. For whatever reason, despite liking the theme, I never seem to stick the landing. So, I figured I'd come to you fine people to ask your opinions.

I'm not looking to go much beyond the no-brainer things (if that even, honestly) as far as buy-in into the game. I've chased that dragon in the past, and I don't need more e-needle marks on my arms :smile: . Given that level of investment, what are some recommendations people would have regarding class or statpacks?

Zealot is what I joined in creation, mostly because it looked neat and I've never given Spirit side a try in Aetolia. Fire, chains, mind powers? Sold! How does the class stack up in PvE? Is running around killing stuff going to feel as futile as doing it as a druid/mage in Lusternia for instance?

Are there other classes, alignment ignored, that I should look at as well? I figure in PvP no matter what I play I'd likely be a nuisance at best, so that doesn't figure into my considerations a whole lot. 70% RP, 25% PvE, 5% PvP is likely going to be the sort of focus I'm going to have. Which isn't to say I won't go and fight, because I love PvP in IRE games. But it won't be what a majority of my time is invested into unlike on other games.

So, yeah. Advice, tips, get off my lawn-isms, and psychiatric evaluations are all welcome.


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    fire, chains and mind control sounds cool. There's plenty of RP in Enorian, where you'll be funneled.

    I play a shadow aligned class myself with no experience with lifer ones, so can't speak much about the PvE, but a lot of work has gone into making all the classes equal for PvE and I imagine it's probably very doable.

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    Hi @Paco! Your intro post is almost exactly my story - I'm new to both Aetolia and Zealot too. Have had much the same issues in the past where I play a few weeks then something doesn't click and I stop.

    Really hoping this time sticks for me too, given that Aetolia really seems like the most RP centric of the IREs now. Look forward to seeing you in game in the Luminaries if you stick around the guild :smile:
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    I'll say that as far as the Spirit-side things go, Zealot is fairly new in the revamp so you likely won't be able to get a ton of feedback yet. I'd say if you're looking for RP and low lesson investment? Ascendril in Enorian are a good pick for a bookwormish kind of character. Oonagh is great for RP, and they are a small org that could use more people. With their class, it is int-based, but you wouldn't really have to learn an entire skillset right now unless you wanted to. But, it is going to be coming for a revamp soon, so may want to wait.

    I'd say other low investment classes open to you would be Monk (because you don't really have to learn telepathy, neutral class) and Sentinel (because you can skip huge chunks of skills if you just plan to bash). Both of which could be great for RP and you could still get while in Enorian, or you could try out Duiran which is more forest-themed. A decent amount of RP available to you up there.

    If you are considering dark-side at all, classes for low-investment would be Syssin (neutral) and maybe Sciomancers (same situation as Ascendril). Most of the rest really require some careful investment for PvE, but all have their fair share of unique RP. So, it's really just a matter of the experience you're looking for PvE style and the specific kind of character role you want to fill.

    Good luck and I hope you stick around! :)
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    Welcome to Aetolia! Zealot, as many have said, is still a baby so it's being figured out, but reach out to folks in your guild and city and I'm sure anyone who knows anything about the class will help!

    As for me, only class I've ever had is Templar, so I'm afraid all I can offer is that! I've found it more than suitable for pve!
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