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Old fart from yesteryear, dusting myself off and wrapping my head around major changes that took place while I was gone.

Enhancements is a pretty big deal, and the help file is pretty huge - can someone help me wrap my tiny head around it?

My questions are as follows:
  1. The maximum amount of basic enhancement points is 5?
  2. Is there a cap on augmetic enhancement points?
  3. If I do not have a method of easy reincarnation, I only get ONE set of enhancements?
  4. Is there a list or spreadsheet somewhere that suggests enhancements based on class/statpack/goal? If not, could anyone offer wisdom about enhancing for various specific goals, like bashing?
Thanks for helping shake the cobwebs out of this old head :)

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    Aishia said:

    For bashing generally it's con + damage stat +eq/bal +resistance +protection(Whichever is best for your statpack or class) Without artifacts Hardy or Resilient can be pretty good for bashing since maximizing aliveness is generally more important than damage that gets sort of rounded out by crits. Normal and typical are better than the sound too.(Less extreme versions of that and more well rounded!)

    Thanks for this! I'm running typical right now, because I wanted the exp bonus on my run to endgame, and was wondering if I shouldn't just keep it for a while. I play Sentinel right now, and it seems like a pretty good pack for the class.
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    Ya typical is a great choice for bashing! Athletic is the more common choice to round out for PVP. Solo pvp you probably favor dex over str and for SURE need to enhance speed. Group fighting enhancements more or less look the same as bashing. (Speed being optional but preferred in either case) Sentinel is a speed venom class and doesn't really kill with damage so much as afflictions so strength isn't super important outside of bashing. Ramble ramble.
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