How does your character look?

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I couldn't find a good one to resemble a Raja...but if Madelaine were human...

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    It didn't originally end up this way, but I've come to imagine Leana as a blue version of Kneesocks from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
    If you google her just imagine silver hair, blue skin, and a silver threaded pattern running across her body.

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    Is this the right place to share? I might just put it in the affirmation forum too just for...organization and I'll explain the details there!

    So the same artist, Hal, who did @Moxie, Benedicto, and Aishia did this too.

    He did an amazing job, down to the bronze sharks on her black belt!

    Edit: fixed link to the shop!

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    An elaborate training post gives a pained sigh.
    Sister Ayanala Elistar, Blood Monk says, "It was in that moment, as the Abbess approached it, that it wished it was turned into toothpicks instead."

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    First Chibi for Belgarion Amaratha -
    oh, also, props go out to Zer0bandit for doing the piece for me. More to come in the future.

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