Monk Audit (PVE Stuff)

This is frustrating...

A vile kelki prowler slams her tail into your leg, knocking you to the ground with a sickening
Health Lost: 4045, blunt, none
You have been slain by a vile kelki prowler.

This is just one example of this but it happens fairly frequently. Monk audit is odd to me when I look at other classes because blunt damage is our lowest resistance (not counting spirit/shadow). I have enhancement(3), con(2), a protection amulet, wearing armor of course, sip(3) etc. I've played a couple of other classes that I have no artis at all on and can bash just fine.

So to my idea.... Even with artis the audit is the problem here. Toughness (kaido) currently increases cutting damage resistance so have it increase blunt as well. I get that numbness/transmute is our main defense but audit should be at least high enough to allow us a chance to use those defenses. Currently, even with my defensive artifacts, it's not and for a monk with no artifacts it's pretty ridiculous.


  • I don't know much about Monk bashing, but shouldn't you be using numbness pre-emptively and almost on CD?
  • I don't really bash a lot, but I do know I can handle Bloodwood 100% fine as monk while my arti'd tf out mage runs a risk of dying on occasion. I'm assuming you're using numbness basically on cd, right?
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  • No, not on cooldown. I mean... if that's the intended bashing design can you imagine how slow that would be? I truly hope that's not what we're expected to be doing. I bash with a hp threshold setup for numbness and transmute which works great provided that I have a chance to use it. The problem lies in the low blunt resist which allows us to get killed in one hit.

    For arguments sake though I've been doing that now for about an hour to test and it's almost a 3s hit to eq to put numbness up each time and it burns through endurance quickly. Doing that on cooldown makes bashing painfully slow and eventually come to a complete stop once you run out of endurance (took ~1 hour for me with artifacts and trans miniskills). That is without using nimbleness and bolstering which are also going to drain endurance. 

    A rough conservative estimate, it's looking like it takes more than twice as long to bash an area in this way and you'll have to deal with the no endurance before long. 
  • RhyotRhyot Bloodloch
    Only thing I could suggest is maybe get another class to bash with. Templar is pretty good in both PVP and PVE.... especially since they maintain the ability to hit twice.

  • Nimbleness is 200 endurance every 10 minutes. Not exactly a big drain. Numb is 100 every time you use it, and you don't need to use it on CD, I shouldn't have said that. I don't know, I don't even need transmute really? My kill time in Dome felt fine? I don't know how you got hit for 4k, I waited for a prowler to hit me with that same attack and I didn't take as much (as monk).  What stapack are you? You should have a higher blunt than me since I don't have protection artifact.
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  • I'm using athletic stat pack at the moment. 
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