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Hello brewers of Aetolia!

I wanted to open this discussion for a couple of reasons, sharing brewing resources and ideas but also to share something I learned.

Quick story: A long time ago Eowyn made a cocktail tea for me and she set the "short" tag on the design to "aloli" and I'm guessing that was done to help her sort things out. Curious thing, later, Jami is holding a cup of this tea and she tries to interact with me but instead interacts with the cup. So now, the game thinks I'm the cup! It was hilarious to see her reaction to the cup. ...A few years later, this happens again, with Rasani.

I wanted to share the difference between Tags and Short fields in the brewing designs.

You can have as many tags as you want on a design for organization's sake, and those can be set before and after approval. Those can be things like, "alcohol", "tea", "guild", "Damariel", "randomAcronymThatOnlyYouCanUnderstand!" etc.

The Short tag is something that can be used to identify your brew in the shopping directory and becomes the way the game handles that drink. It should be the noun of the thing you made. "Syrup", "Tea", "Beer", "Wine", "Smoothie" and so on. This way, if someone does "DIRECTORY TEA" they'll get your stuff listed!

I learned this -after- I made my first set of teas and got my own teahouse setup so I had to go through and redo some of these...
(Still not done because I got other priorities dumped on me but I hope this helps!)


Design #2386 Months Left: 84
Identity: Brew Trade: Brewing
Alcohol: 0
Additional Ingredients: NONE
Allowed: NONE
Denied: NONE
Autopay: NO
Tag(s): Holy
Short: water
Appearance: refreshing water
Examined: The water is a clear liquid, and not much else.
Smell: A crisp, refreshing smell wafts from the water.
Taste: The water imparts no overt qualities to the tongue.
Sip: You from . The water leaves no lingering feelings as it departs down your gullet.
LastSip: NONE

What kind of liquids can you imagine making besides what we currently have?

I tried making cough syrup, that was fun for RP!
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    Liquefied Aloli is peak performance, you may not like it but it's true.
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