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    ...but Phillip Tallow.

    He is a story of LEGEND.
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    I don't know why but for some reason it's established that I hate Phillip Tallow. I forget now.

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    So, this has actually been on my mind for a while now (since the Year 470 culture exhibit contest), but what's the deal with the fae creatures in/around Duiran? I've not really been able to figure out much about them beyond them being related to Dendara or being from Dendara. And what's the deal with the faeries in Vintal Glade beyond being an old holdover from Achaea? Fae are obviously a thing in Aetolia, but it feels...I dunno. Unaddressed? What are they? And what creatures/races does it encompass?
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    If we're talking about the soliad, I wish I knew how to get them to work right...I tried so hard when I was Speaker but that ended up with the Admins saying it was part of a storyline that never got finished.

    They'll freeze their buzzing and look at you when you say a few trigger words and they're tied to this sun-warrior story. I wish I could remember it all now.
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    Hey, I'm looking for some clarification. The Pillars are said to reside in the "abyss", but are also, I'm fairly certain, said (or understood ICly) to be part of Azvosh. When we visit the Pillars, I think the message even mentions Azvosh, but the whole point of the Pillars is ensuring that Azvosh and Prime don't collide. Is the abyss part of the Azvosh plane or is it more of a planar buffer between Azvosh and Prime? I'm assuming the latter, but I'd like to be clear before I proceed IC.
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    I've heard more than once, "Idreth have horns." I realize characters don't try strictly following this, but is there ant substance to it?
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    It is generally accepted that all the endgame races have whatever you want them to have (within reason). Tails, tusks, horns, tentacles, hooves, weird eyes, animal ears, etc. Have fun!
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    Idreth were the most "you are what you make of yourself" of the three endgame races due to the nature of how it came about. There is no prototype Idreth or defining features  
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    As with the above, I believe the 'become Idreth' message is basically summed up as...

    You Thanos Snap yourself, then think 'screw that' and reform yourself in your own image.
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