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    It's abosultely amusing every time Stathan and her run into each other and suddenly the giggling and chameleon spam starts. And yes, they can have serious conversations at times but by far the most amusing thing they do is go back and forth with chameleon to see what each of them can say in response.

    All in all 12/10 would RP again. Bring more mystery custard
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    Ah the fruit of my electronic womb. I don't even know where she came from! I like all the things she's into and who she be. I'd probably make like four more if I could figure out the recipe.
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    You've made Aisei into an absolute sweetheart. She feels like the protege Aloli didn't intend on having but loves watching grow.

    She strikes me immediately as a person wanting to learn about everything, sometimes it makes me think of how I need to be careful around my son because kids are sponges! I am looking forward to seeing how she grows and the things she'll get into because her high spirits and sense of humor make her fun to be around and lend themselves to your personality too!

    She's also not overbearing. I never got the sense that she had a singular focus that haunts her like most of the 'new' or 'young' folks, and that makes her so much more believable!

    But, now I have a new problem! I keep mistelling things to Aishia whenever we're talking!
    Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - K.G.
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    Aisei is a splendid character. She takes after the rest of her family while maintaining an individual charm that makes it hard for Iesid to ever be grumpy with her for longer than several seconds. 

    She often possesses some measure of insight that Iesid tends to tap when he's truly wondering if he's being unreasonable. He views Aisei as one of the more diplomatic Speakers in Duiran's lineup, which means that his approach to her is often very different from the rest of the Speakers. It makes for an interesting shift in how he does business.

    Aisei's culinary tangents are especially enjoyable in a world of full of mastercrafted grilled cheeses and cupcakes.

    10/10, would smoke with again.
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