Quotes & Misquotes: Falling Off of Bridges



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    (Sentaari): You say, "To answer your question though.. I don't know.
    Is it laziness on the part of the wolves? Charity toward other
    hungry animals? Or perhaps it's confidence in their own hunting
    ability to the point that they don't believe they need to store one
    kill away since the next hunt is sure to be a success."

    (Sentaari): Clearwater says, "I would say the later. As a group,
    they are strong enough to take down the largest of beasts."

    Zenobia has been sliced apart by a rabid direwolf.

    (Sentaari): You say, "Ah it looks like a wolf has just had a
    successful hunt as we speak."

    Impeccable timing.
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    I have the best stats in the whole game, I swear!

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    I shot Ander while flying in the monastery. So I didn't get to see his reaction this time.

    From Ander's perspective:

    Aloli fires an arrow striking you directly in the chest. Upon impact an explosion of colourful sparks is released into the air.
    - You own 0 arrows.
    - You have shot 0 arrows today.
    - You have been hit by 1 person.
    - Aloli.

    You say, "Help! Help!"

    Hips swaying and steps sending a precise and practiced jiggle to her bountiful curves, Easy Katy saunters past. She brushes against your arm, making a show of pulling a small purse out of her cleavage and dropping it in your hands before winking, giggling, and running off.
    Easy Katy just gave you a a drawstring purse (typo?)

    You say, "Under attack."

    You say, ".. I need a chaperone!"

    With a sudden look of concentration, Easy Katy smiles a crooked smile, gives a flick of her hair, and vanishes in a burst of glitter, leaving nothing behind but sparkle and powerful perfume.

    (Tells): You tell Aloli, ".. I think I will be a bit more careful when calling for help now, Abbess."
    (Tells): Aloli whispers into your consciousness, "Oh?"
    (Tells): You tell Aloli, "Mm!"
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    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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    You guys were needy!! I got so many tells from all of you to keep coming back for more!!

    What else was I able to do except poke you all?? :D:D:D:D D :D LOL

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    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "Quite sure vamp husks don't do bodily functions."

    (Misfits): Canasius says, "They poof dust."

    (Misfits): Leana says, "I still get heads from them."

    (Misfits): Leana says, "Husks are shrink ready."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "That's a husk's head alright. We can make you a new one."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "Well, what happens when we drink wine? Does it just get completely absorbed or do we have to force ourselves to pee it out?"

    (Misfits): You say, "I was having a conversation about this recently with someone. I wanted to know if vampires poop."

    (Misfits): Leana says, "If they eat, yes."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "Pee/poop...depending on if we eat or drink?"

    (Misfits): Canasius says, "They only make bodily movements they allow."

    (Misfits): You say, "Blood obviously gets completely absorbed."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "Except drinking blood obviously. Yes."

    (Misfits): Prucilla says, "I've had that same thought for ever, but I was too embarrassed to voice it. Been sitting on it for years."

    (Misfits): Leana says, "According to Aetolia lore, undead are not much different than living."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "Should we lore-wisely need to eat tho? Is sustenance really what fuels our functions tho."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "No. Blood fuels our functions."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "We drink and dine because we're classy af."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "Precisely. So we either poop that out, or don't need to I reckon."

    (Misfits): Leana says, "They function almost exactly the same with some differences. Blood prevents children, because vampire virus is trong."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "But with that in mind. Does a husk sweat?"

    (Misfits): Steele says, "Undead and vampires still require operational vital organs."

    (Misfits): Steele says, "Body processes still continue."

    (Misfits): You say, "Some, yes. They don't have to breathe."

    [News]: A new changelog post has been placed upon the news board. READNEWS CHANGELOG 1565 for more information.

    (Misfits): Canasius says, "Yet they can drown."

    (Misfits): Steele says, "With exception of the cardiovascular systems."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "Yeah, the drowning part always annoyed me."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "Inb4 changelog is 'Vamps now poop'"

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "LOL."

    ---------------Ishmar starts a Chakrasul sermon here-------------------

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "We just never talk about it ICly because we're too classy for that."

    (Misfits): Lleminara says, "^."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "Last nights dinner did not agree with me... I had to poop...can you imagine a vamp saying that?"

    (Misfits): Steele says, "Bein real tho outside of breath and heartbeat, u still need a functional everything else."

    (Misfits): Steele says, "Which is why we can't have skeletons :(."

    (Misfits): Vyrthanis says, "In true misfit fashion - attending a sermon on the Dark Mother ICly whilst talking about vamps bowel movements here XD."
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    Sightless eyes fix eerily on you and time seems to stutter as a rotting Dwarf archer slowly raises his bow, loosing a piercing shot you find yourself unable to dodge.
    You sidestep the attack, letting the strike go wide.

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    Kasimir is starting to see into the matrix. We need to kill him before he evolves!!!

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    Leana whistles a happy tune as they stride in from the southeast.

    Leana uses Rainbow Search.
    Leana takes a moment and stares off into the distant skies.

    Without a care in the world, Leana starts to whistle a happy tune and leaves to the southwest.
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    Mjoll said:
    Leana whistles a happy tune as they stride in from the southeast. Leana uses Rainbow Search. Leana takes a moment and stares off into the distant skies. Without a care in the world, Leana starts to whistle a happy tune and leaves to the southwest.
    Now every time I see Leana I will visualize Mary Poppins. 
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    The heavens tear asunder as a massive Chaos rift opens above the Prelatorian Highway. From the rift
    plummets to the ground a huge, disgusting creature, colliding with the earth in a wet 'splat'. The
    rift closes soon after the foul creature abruptly concludes its long fall.

    "Gornuk, I choose you. Go forth and spread your filth until naught remains. Taste the true power of
    Chaos, Sapience!" Golrath shouts.

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    Axius said:

    Taste the true power of Chaos, Sapience!" Golrath shouts.

    Made me think of this...
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    Is there a 'well duh' reaction button I can hit? :P
    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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