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((I don't often do roleplay logs as I like to bury them into a vault, but I thought I'd give a short glimpse into Moxie's life. Thank you, Tenshyo, for playing along as always. Note: I censored the name they were talking about.))

Alcove of the Luminaries (58709) - The city of Enorian (428)
Its windows overlooking the gardens of the Vebae Hialearo outside, this chamber
is bright and open, surrounding a small basin and a bright fire at its center.
Plain mats have been laid out in concentric circles around it, permitting
dedicants of the Illuminai to separate themselves from the cold basalt underfoot.
Only a few pillars break the lines of sight, supporting the domed roof overhead -
a mosaic has been painted within this dome, indicating a priest and angel
standing firm against the coming tides of Darkness. A huge, golden-framed book
has been set off into one of the recesses here. Resting on the ground is a cube-
shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on
the ground.

"What's on your mind?" Tenshyo asks as he strides in, right hand lifting to run
through his hair somewhat tiredly.

You have emoted: Moxie rests easily towards the center of the room, her chin
supported on a propped hand as she levels her attention upon Tenshyo and smiles
marginally, "Dhie, I was not expecting you so quickly, I thought you'd take a
few more moments."

Tenshyo shrugs, "I've not much else to do. Outside of ponder what soil I know
even would count as consecrated. Which I have some ideas, but something tells me
they'll be for naught." The man settles in a lean against the southeastern wall.

You have emoted: Moxie brushes her finger against her lower lip while she begins
an unfocused study of the ground before a deepened sigh escapes her mouth, "I
wish you wouldn't say that, Dhie, because you know how I feel about your ideas."
Shaking her head, she brings her hand up to smudge at the dark circles of
sleeplessness beneath her eyes, "However, I will give you a pass in an effort to
keep the conversation moving... something about the meeting last week distressed

"Do you speak of the conversation with Freydha?" Tenshyo asks curiously, head
tilting to the side, "If so, I will again repeat my disdain for the question,
the conversation, and all the things with it. I admit it was not something I
wish was asked." Though he quiets and motions to you, "Though please continue."

You have emoted: Moxie appears just as willing to return to her thoughts upon
the citing of Freydha if her expression is anything to judge, but she cuts
through them with a wistful smile, "No-no, while I do have many concerns over
that, a statement from an individual seemingly pierced my mind and I can't shake
it." She fidgets with her hands, uncertainty betraying her facial features, "Can
you tell me what we have done wrong that a young man would willingly sacrifice
himself due to his belief that no-one would care?"

Tenshyo remains silent for awhile, before simply answering, "No." His attention
fixated on you for a time before looking around the room. "No, I can't say I
know what we have done wrong. I wish I could, I wish I had that answer. - I wish
I could get answers myself - I don't know who you speak of as the individual,
but I think you are speaking of the guard whom offered himself before Ywena took
his place?"

You have emoted: Moxie lowers her head into her hands, masking her cheerless
countenance, as her fingers begin to press into her temples in an attempt to
keep herself calm, "I am talking about the even younger man, -----, I believe
that is what his name is. Even before the guard stepped forward, he stood before
a crowd and told everyone around that he would risk his life because -no one-
would care. What kind of foolish reasoning is this? And why has it seeded within
the young of Enorian?"

Tenshyo simply looks deadpan at you. "My great-grandson has it in his head he is
unwanted. He has it in his head no one cares. Despite multiple people telling
him otherwise, and treating otherwise. - His grandmother, my daughter, more than
likely spoke of this with him herself. Knowing Isande, she maybe even dragged
him by the ear." The man grunts and looks to his left, "The young of today are
vastly different than the young of my generation, or the few after me.
Unfortunately I do not know why some get that feeling, despite most Enorianites
treating them well, catering to their needs, and welcoming into a warm home
during a cold night."

You have emoted: Moxie lifts her head and slides her gaze to Tenshyo as her
eyebrows furrow into a tense line, "Honestly, I have only met the young man in
passing, but when those words rang out into the surroundings with all of the
fervor he gave them... my heart broke. I saw this twenty year old, still full of
potential, misunderstanding the gravity of the situation. I saw weakened faith
and it took all of my being not to be contrary at that moment. Instead, I kept

You have emoted: Moxie stares up at the ceiling, cursing in a hushed tone,
"Because I always unicorns keep quiet when the opposite is needed."

"I'd have done the same at his age," Tenshyo denotes with a half shrug, "Despite
having a fiance at the time, my mother still waking, and my brother and sister
pushing me to the edge of perfection and purity to make myself better." The man
shakes his head, "Do not beat yourself up over this matter, Moxie, we are not
all prophets and professors. -- Despite the realm telling most otherwise.. I
feel.." The man motions to you gently with his right hand, "---- has lived a
rough life, and has had his share of hardships. Some self-brought upon, others
admitted, some refusal of acceptance of consequences. As we all do at such a
young age." His hand drops, only to slide into his coat pocket. "Though is never
a time that is too late to reach out, until it is truly too late to reach out."

You have emoted: Moxie runs a hand over the back of her neck, giving it some
relief from the heavy curls piled upon it, before breaking out into a helpless
shrug, "I hope you understand I can't promise that to you." A stifling frown
besmirches her mouth and she flicks her eyes away, "But your explanation does
ease a few of my concerns as I was not aware of his past life."

"I feel he lets his past control too much of his future," Tenshyo adds with a
soft shrug. "He knows his family and friends will help him, but we will not do
everything for him. If we did everything for him, and fixed all his problems, he
would learn nothing. -- And that would be the true travesty, depriving a young
man of the ability to do things for himself, despite his hardships." Tenshyo
slides to set upon the ground, legs crossed in a lotus position, though his back
and wings still against the wall. "Though these are the opinion of a old man who
has done and seen many things in his life, and is quite ready to find the quiet
life with his wife and children."

You have emoted: Moxie nods almost imperceptibly at the clarification just as a
rare smile steals the corners of her lips, "While it was not long that I was his
age, I did learn a lot struggling through problems - many not my own - but I had
support from you and Avishai at the time." A measure of relief becomes evident
on her features, "When I heard his words, I thought this was not the case and
somehow our culture of being a beacon failed him."

"Enorian culture does have its flaws," Tenshyo remarks with a shift of his
weight for comforts sake, "We certainly have had our failures and shortcomings
in times past. Though I believe we learn from them and continue onward. Some
remains optimistic, some grow cynical. As is the nature of learning and
improving." The Idreth's head nods towards you as he continues, "And your
benefit of myself and Avishai has helped you become who you are today. - We gave
you just the right amount of tools to solve a problem. We did not, however, tell
you how to fix it on every occasion. -- One must fail and stumble time and again
to truly learn. Constant success means inconsistent growth."

You have emoted: Moxie blinks at Tenshyo's statement, leaning forward though not
completely as she gazes at him for a few moments. Still thoughtful enough that
hesitation might be apparent, her words cancel out whatever her face might say,
"Yes and I am the utmost grateful for the guidance at the time, but this is
something I cannot figure out on my own. My question now is how I can help this
young man? I am still at a loss if he is that buried under disbelief of his
support system." Expels a sigh and says to Tenshyo with a pointed stare, "I
will always be sympathetic, especially towards a fellow citymate, so don't you
go trying to tell me I should not help."

"Quite the opposite, I think you should help him." Tenshyo shakes his head,
"Prove him wrong. If he will not take the word of his family to heart - and yes,
I do admit I do not speak to most anyone anymore anyway - then perhaps a
stranger will have a stronger effect." He motions outward, as if to the city
proper, "There is a wide world out there that would prove him wrong, yet it is
up to him to listen. Whether or not he believes the words being spoken is a
separate battle all together."

You have emoted: Moxie breaks away from the study of her folded hands in her lap
and pauses a shade longer to decipher Tenshyo's words prior to speaking, "Yes."
Her head bobs itself affirmatively, "I will give your advice a good old
fashioned try." At that moment, her usual grin sparked her features as her eyes
crinkled, "Thank you again for coming to meet with me, Dhie, even if it wasn't
for a more upbeat topic."

Tenshyo smiles and nods, "It is what I am hear for. This is much more pleasant
than I expected it to be, so thank you for that."

(Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

(Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

(Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."


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