Others system or build your own?

Hello Aetolianites! I am hoping someone might be able to answer this question for me. I'm fairly new to Aetolia, but so far I've been using the Sunder system, which has been a lot of help with both combat and bashing, however, I have given the thought of trying to multiclass and come to notice that not every class is within it for raising defenses. Even if I decided to add in any alias that pertains to my current class, I'm unable to do so without messing up the whole system  

Which leads me to my question; is it better to try and build your own system or try and muddle through someone else's and build it up as yours? 

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    Most people don't forray past modifying what they have been given, if that. And that's 100% fine.

    Do you want to be a high power pker, a combat leadet, etc? Build your own. Tired of everyone else messing up and losing you fights? Build a system and distribute it. Want to make one to see if you can (mine helped me get a RL job)? Build a system.

    If you don't want to do any of those things, store bought is fine.

    Edit: to add, I learned tinkering on other systems until I felt comfortable enough making my own. People like @Emir just grinded out their own years back and remake every few years with their new tricks. @Fezzix uses a mix of self made and a modded older system afaik- up to you, your mileage may vary, etc.

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    Especially since it’s Sunder, I would suggest just giving @Daren a heads up and he will probably add it in for you. If he isn’t available, I can also work on it.

    To answer your question, I would highly suggest using whatever you feel is easiest to work with. If that means from scratch, go for it! If it means messing around with source or sunder or something else, go for it. Both contain good and bad points and they’ll differ for everyone depending on your coding base.

    edit: that first point is if you enjoy/want to continue using sunder, anyways. 


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