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    The fact that you put people on ignore just to avoid misstells is freakin' /wild/
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    I only do it when its so frequent that it starts getting irritating. On a level of "I don't want to hear you sassing me over a mistell, that is obviously a mistell, and I'm tired of my tell not going to the intended person when it happens more than once in the course of three weeks."
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    Axius said:

    I have that set up @Stine it doesn't work for me. If Briar's not logged in, instead of it going "hey, she's not logged in", it goes straight to Briaria.

    You should probably bug it, then, because that's not the intended behaviour.

    Edit: Mjoll is right, too. Just type the name. I use nametell full and have for years and haven't had a mistell that I can recall.
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    Don't use TELL, just type their name. with CONFIG NAMETELL FULL going, Briaria will not get tells meant for Briar if Briar happens to be offline when you try.
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    Yeah, if you genuinely have CONFIG NAMETELL FULL ON (not just CONFIG NAMETELL ON) and

    BRIAR Heyo!
    You tell Briaria, "Heyo!"

    then BUG that, it's not supposed to do that.
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    @Zaila thank you, I was not aware of that.
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    Update Severn's honors to include: He is a representative of the Divine Order of Bamathis, the Warlord.
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    Someone told me to check HONORS SEVERN.
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    He is the Spymaster of the Divine Order of Bamathis, the Warlord.

    Wow he's bad at this already.

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    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

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    oh wait, toz is famous

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    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    Toz said:

    He is the Spymaster of the Divine Order of Bamathis, the Warlord.

    Wow he's bad at this already.

    Or, He's so damned good He can tell everyone and still make it work.
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    He is the James Bond of Spymasters.
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    He once strolled up to the Paladins and told them 'Hi, I'm John LyingToYourFace Doe. Let me be one of you.' And they let Him be one of them.

    Sir Robert Lyesmith, you will not be forgotten.
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    Tekias said:

    He once strolled up to the Paladins and told them 'Hi, I'm John LyingToYourFace Doe. Let me be one of you.' And they let Him be one of them.

    Sir Robert Lyesmith, you will not be forgotten.

    I remember this event! I was so frustrated afterwards, but damn, it was a fun one! Opened up Eastern Itzatl, if I'm not mistaken. I wonder if I still have that log somewhere...

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    With flawless elegance, Severn extends a regal arm and bows low.

    Aegis and Heart of Valor, Lady Ecikoria McCloud-Tenshou, Lady of Pages says to
    Severn, "Would you mind going back in there?"

    Severn, the Lord of Artifice says, "I've been here the whole time."

    Severn, the Lord of Artifice says, "C'mon...Lyesmith?"

    Severn, the Lord of Artifice says, "Lie-smith?"

    Severn, the Lord of Artifice says, "You didn't get that?"

    (Removed a bunch of bowing and inclining heads and such, but this part really was funny. And yes, this is when the Eastern Itzatl was opened up. I joined the event just as Severn exposed himself.)
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    Small Idea - Going to a Directory and typing DIRECTORY FOOD should show me a list of everything that can be eaten. Also, having any and all items ranked in lowest price to highest price would be great to see.
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    DIRECTORY COOKING is what you're looking for.

    This works for most craft skills, so you can do DIRECTORY JEWLCRAFTING, DIRECTORY TAILORING and so on!

    Same gist works in a shop, too. So you can WARES COOKING and find all the foods.
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    Some way to extend the time of our blessing. Perhaps a stacking essence cost? 50k for 1 additional day, then +25k every day after, and have it reset upon the god giving out a new blessing.
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    Benedicto said:

    Something a little more meaningful when enemied to a guild. Currently there's no real consequences to being made an enemy of a guild. PK restrictions are largely against the repeated hunting of an individual (a la Syssin) and so there is little else to do.

    Could there be something along the lines of Fallout/Elder Scrolls where, if you get enemied to a faction, occasionally you'll randomly encounter a small squad of npc's from said guild who will go "Ho, look! There's (insert villain name here)."

    I appreciate that players are horrible, horrible people and therefore this could be open to abuse, but is there a way where it could be restricted to being a timed thing that diminishes with each passing IG month until they stop?

    Not saying that as a sole solution, but just thinking food for thought!

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    Can market stalls be added to the DIRECTORY system in some way, or have one of its own? Say:

    - If they park the stall into area with a directory, the thing can be plugged into that directory.
    - A directory for all market stalls placed in Esterport, NoT, the refugee camp, or somewhere else that's neutral.

    I'd love this to work for mounts and saddlebags, but I'd almost worry that mounts would get found and killed more often with that.
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    This might already exist and I just don't know, but!

    A chalkboard! 
    A sign that anyone in the room can edit the text on! Could make it a bit more tricky by requiring the person editing it to have chalk on their inventory. This would be another thing like a letter that having Colour_write would spruce up!

    Could use it in a classroom type environment or like a college whiteboard in a room to swap notes with your friends! 
  • SteeleSteele Member Posts: 52 ✭✭
    Fairly sure the Sentinels have one of these in their guildhall library, so if it's not an artifact, there's at least existing code for it
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    Stine said:
    Can we have anyone at order rank 10 be given the ability to give Order or Congregation wide blessings? Make it cost a million essence per day given or something. Make it two million per day if necessary. It would at least give orders the opportunity to provide blessings at useful times. @Dhar is usually pretty great about it, but for anyone that is in an order without an active godplayer for weeks/months at a time, it's a pretty sad situation to have to be at the whim of other gods who may or may not have Celani either. Maybe I'm taking the 'severity' and 'weight' of a blessing for granted, but it is super useful to have extra stats, extra gold, damage reduction from the favor level and a small exp bump.
    This would be good. In this area, spirit is severely lagging behind shadow where it's not uncommon to be able to run around with multiple blessings. If seems like no matter who I offer to or how much, blessings are rare and inconsistent. 
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    I don't see what the big deal is, guys. It's only valued at ~3k or more credits in terms of benefits. /s
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    Can we get a BUILDING HIDE ROOM command that does similar to hiding exit, except it hides rooms on the map? There's a number of rooms in my home that I'd rather not have visible except for when one is inside of them.
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    @Tiur to continue where the peeves section left off, here's my simple idea. Instead of making changes that may affect the security of houses... make it a simple matter of something akin to what you did with havens. If someone tries to use a playerhouse as a hidey-hole after being annoying, make it possible (potentially for a gold cost, as a potential gold-sink idea), to hire guards that either hang out somewhere in the city, or somewhere at the city gates, who are more prone to "bribes", to go in, "kick down" the door so to speak of a playerhouse, and physically move the player to a specific room that is accessible to aggressors who might have a desire to have "words" with the offender. This room could be arranged by the city, or it could default to the sparring room that we know -every- city has, or heck, it could be to the city's -arena-. And the aggressor is guided by the "guards" is also moved to the same room as the hidey-person. And nobody is allowed to leave until either a timer ends, (think 5 minutes at most, I imagine), or one individual lays dead. And then the aggressor is now on a cooldown for being able to bribe. Call it "we have to launder this gold you gave us, else our bosses will think something's up."

    edit: To clarify some points of the thought: "Kick down" means that they bypass the front door lock to basically do the equivalent of teleport a character to the appropriate location with a message in the vein of "A number of guards burst into the room, point at you, grab you, and haul you off to the ."

    The aggressor would be also transported to the point in question with the message being something like, "As you pass a gold pouch to the guards, they throw a cloak over your shoulders and raise the cowl before guiding you into the city, giving nods to other passing guards until you arrive at the before pulling the cowl free, revealing you to your target." which would be done in a way to not interfere with the city's function or interfere with enemy status, and afterwards, would be dropped outside the city gates right where they started, so as to, once again, avoid interfering with city enemy status stuff.
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    The ritualist in the rainforest, who hands out brands that make you speak elemental tongues, used to allow you to retain the language even as the brand faded. That was removed after a while, but it feels weird that you would lose all knowledge of it after having spoken it for a while.

    Proposal: Set the ritualist quests up as a tiered thing, where each elemental is a little more difficult to slay. Make it so that you have to be the one to single-handedly kill the elemental used in the ritual, so that you cannot get assistance from someone else, nor have them hand you the corpse. For each brand (you can only have one active at a time, so you have to wait for one to fade to go for a new one), you learn a new language, that you retain after the brand fades. This would make the languages show some form of accomplishment.

    If you want, you can even make it fade (going down from a mastered language to a lower step on the ladder) after a specific, but significantly longer time frame than the presence of the brand. Say it goes down one step per year without using it, and requires you to refresh your knowledge by bonding with an elemental again to make it go back up.

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    elemental brands fade????????????????

    ETA: actually a serious question... other than when the quest was first reactivated (thanks past slyppy player, i think) and the brand only lasted 1 rl day, i've had only 2 different brands on vyxsis. the only reason i got the second one was because i chose to remove the first and bound a different kind of elemental - each brand has lasted a good number of IG years (and counting, in the case of the second one). i want my elemental 5ever so pls 2 not take it away T_T
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