Potential return, so much has changed

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It has been some time since played Aetolia. I've forgotten all of what I once knew, and have only briefly poked my head in to look around and try and get my bearings. I'm sure even if I had remembered anything, it would no longer be relevant.

Firstly, is there a primer or other documentation that would be of help getting back up to speed?

Secondly, I'm concerned that who I once was is no longer. Both in terms of my experience, and game mechanics. I must look like a desiccated husk, being 295 years old. I was a bloodborne, and now Rituos Praenomen. I could not tell you who my sire was, unless that happens to be my mentor. I'm certain they are long gone by now. I don't recognize the bloodlines of my house.

So, is it possible to retain this legacy and start a new alt? I would hate to fumble around and shame my house in this form, but would like to return once I have a better grasp of how things work.


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    Hello and welcome back!

    There's really nothing stopping you from sticking with your old character. Most players will understand, and you can take your time to get readjusted. Starting fresh with a new character is always an option, though.

    I would recommend that you look into your city and guild's welcome scrolls (CHELP WELCOME and GHELP WELCOME, most likely). It's typically for newbies, but it should definitively help you get back with the basics. Other than that, your best bet is going to be talking to your city, guild or housemates. Don't be afraid to use the NEWBIE or CNT (city novice) channels to ask questions (they're OOC channels) also.

    Off the top of my head, some of the larger mechanical changes that you may want to look into:
    • HELP ENHANCEMENTS if you're above level 80.
    • HELP HERITAGE if you're close to level 100, or past.
    • HELP 12 about leyines, ylem and foci. This is a rather extensive new source of conflict.
    • HELP FIRSTAID, our server-side curing system.
    • HELP WELCOMEBACK for free stuff!
    • HELP ACADEMY within your city, for a lot of general information and more free stuff!
    Another tip would be to skim/read the latest events board (NSTAT, READNEWS EVENTS #), to give you an idea about what's been going on lately.
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    I am starting to get an idea of things. I still have to do some research on how things have changed from the bloodborne to the Rituos path of Praenomen.

    I had awoken, naked but was able to get some things from the welcomeback. I'm not quite sure where everything disappeared to. I'm hoping there is some sort of vault or bank that I stowed everything away in.

    Beyond that, I was able to dig up my lineage from my sire all the way back. More important to me than the possessions I had, was my history. It appears they're all gone, and my bloodline wiped away. My generation has fallen to baronet, though my old title still remains as a prefix. I assume this is because none remain in my direct bloodline and thus I have no sire?

    It's likely my best bet will be to let my character remain dormant. I'm thinking perhaps a brother to my original character, and start anew. New path, new adventure.
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    Every city has a bank for gold, but items are another story - unless they were artifacts, they've probably decayed! Although we do have vaults now. HELP VAULTS will teach you all about that!

    Vampires have TOTALLY changed! They had a HUGE change! READNEWS EVENTS 228 and READNEWS ANNOUNCE 2695 (and probably some other assorted Changelogs) will give you a headstart on understanding those, but I'll also summarize for you:

    Abhorash is no longer the Primus, and vampires have been freed from his lineage. This broke the lineages! Now Siring is much more fluid, rather than a difficult-to-break bond - your Sire can reject you for being a poor Childe, but so too can an ambitious Childe seek a Sire higher in the Blood to raise their own status.

    There is a player Primus, chosen by 4/5 vote by the 5 House Leaders (Bahir'an, Ve'kahi, Nebre'seir, D'baen, Bouchard). Each House Leader is automatically a Childe of the Primus, making them an Emperor or Empress, then they can each have two Childer - Prince or Princess - and from there on, each vampire can sustain three Childer, creating a pyramid structure. You can also opt out of this system and be sired by Vinessa for no good title, but your blood will be stable and you will not be beholden to any player Sire.

    There are some small benefits to being high in the Blood! Namely, that determines your PRIVS in the Dominion, as well as your blood pool size (or that might have been changed. I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that part!) Plus, snazzy titles and people have to call you increasingly longer names.

    As far as PK goes... I wasn't around during the Bloodborne era, but Rituos is very much the spiritual successor to that, although every 4 hours you can change your Path, giving you far more options than before.

    The main kill route is still pressuring health and mana while stacking mental affs, seizing, and then annihilating. You still have anxieties. And you can still use a scythe! RITUALS are still in, but a bit different and there are fewer.

    Hopefully, this little blurb helps you understand the vampire changes and will further help you decide if you want to keep your old character or make a new one. I'll be happy to have you on the game regardless of your choice!!

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask here, on the NEWBIE channel in-game (it's not just for newbies, you know!), or in dire circumstances, even MESSAGE myself or other helpful Celani and Immortals. Most importantly, though...

    Welcome home!
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