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    Vyxsis said:

    Galadriel said:

    @Vyxsis your not wrong, i do have some hostility towards you. But what do you expect when you attack unarmed people fishing and then say well I can kill anyone once with no reprocussions so its within the rules... its crappy, you were the one who made my attitude towards you what it is and now you want to whine about it when I hate you. I'm not quite sure if that is the real reason or if you're trying to distract from the fact you have no answers for my arguments. Besides, as I've stated before, the purpose of this post was to actively address all the recent nerfs, the limb route being nerfed to the point of it no longer being viable was the most recent, but not the only ones. Its more because every time someone uses something that even has the most remote possiblity of winning and being competitive with the luminary class its nerfed. So I wanted to know why they kept doing this and what I could use without fear of it being nerfed in a week or two. These would obviously have to be competitive and viable. Is the affliction route viable? Maybe with balance enhancement and a crown. Without it not a chance. Even with it, it is just barely competitive. I still feel that other classes have a much less convoluted, more straightforward, and easier to pull off way of killing people which is just straight up unfair. Do all classes need a limb route? No... but if you're going to force a class to have limb damaging attacks, on top of have crown and balance enhancement... at least make it viable. If they don't want us to have a limb route, then delete it altogether, and make our aff route stronger. If they like us having limb routes then make it viable.... the way it is now it is not

    sigh. for the sake of clarity: you were afk fishing in a lesser zone, and i attacked you while you had aura. i said as much when you finally got back and started yelling at me in tells - i only mentioned the one death rule as a kind of "well, even if so" because you claimed you didn't have aura. i don't much care if you dislike me, especially if it's because of a single death in a text game. i do think you ought to communicate with a certain amount of respect, and i've been trying to maintain an upbeat, friendly, and encouraging vibe here.

    really, though. i'm not whining, and i've answered your arguments while also trying to help you with advice. but you know, fine, whatever. gg. quod erat demonstrandum i'm a twat, i guess.
    An apology goes a long way, but other than that I'm gonna make like Elsa and just let it go
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