Better development environment for Nexus/HTML5?

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Hi All,

I'm attempting to get back into playing Aetolia, and one of my goals is to use the game to give me an enjoyable way to learn more about a new programming language. I'm finding that in my day job I'm being called on more and more to develop in es6, node, react, or angular, so Nexus is something I'm looking at.

I realize mudlet/lua is a better option, with more complete pre-built systems. A ready-made system is not what I'm looking for, though.

Has anyone out there developed a workflow for Nexus? I find it really hard to believe that people are using the web client to develop, but maybe I'm wrong, or maybe I'm missing something? Or, is it as simple as formatting the .nxs file as JSON and getting used to the structure?

Cheers in advance for the assistance.



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    Doesn't happen so much here in Aetolia, but I know there has been some successful systems in Achaea that utilise Nexus. You need to know javascript to get far with Nexus however, and most find lua a lot easier to deal with.

    There's a huge wiki dedicated to Nexus as well if that helps.

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    I really wish there was a basic reflex package out there for nexus. I often play from my phone which is severely limiting compared to my mudlet system.
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    @mordion - There is a super!basic auto-basher and auto-fisher that've been linked on the forums in various spots, if you would find those useful I can track them down for you! I use the webclient for 90% of my aetolia-ing, so I am familiar with the struggle!
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    @Keroc cheers for the reply.

    I know JavaScript, and I've seen the Achaea packages.

    What I'm asking about is whether anyone has better tools for writing code for Nexus, not a package that I can look at or start from. Hopefully that makes sense?

    I've asked a similar question on the Achaea forums, and no luck so far. That said, I have found a couple of github repositories from Achaea which look like the owner was using an IDE (Jetbrains) or running Yarn to build the files.

    The issue is that (at least for me, since I work in Visual Studio or Sublime all day) the process of creating reflexes and functions inside Nexus is painful. There's no syntax checking, or intellisense, or tools to validate and test your code.

    I 'm hoping someone somewhere has put together a build process where they could write code in plain JS on a modern IDE or editor, and then run the build to turn them into a .nxs package for import.
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    I don't have a process, and I've only played around the web client a little bit, but here's one idea.

    You can export packages as an .nxs file, which I believe is just some xml with javascript in it. Figure out it's format well enough that you can write it in your editor of choice. Then you would just need to use a browser which supports userscripts, or find a plugin that allows you to run userscripts. All you need to find is the client function which loads the .nxs file. Write a small userscript which loads your hand-edited .nxs file, and injects it into the client. Then you can probably have a javascript: bookmark to reload changes.

    Unfortunately I don't really have more details than this, and I believe the exported file also includes all your settings.
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    I've personally built a decent weblistener, targetcaller, basher and so forth on Nexus.

    It's fairly easy to use and code in if you want to get your hands on a computer just to input it all in. I do have to agree though, that the one part that is giving me issues is that I'm struggling making a version of tables for reflexive combat means. Eventually, though, some 'AHA!' is going to happen and I'll get that too.

    I haven't quite figured out how to export packages, though. So if someone wants to help me with that I wouldn't mind sharing the basics. Mkay, bye.
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