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    @Satomi that's pretty much the primary issue with all of it. With the way things are now, there's absolutely no reason to participate in the PVE realm short of obtaining level 100, and even then... now its punishing all players (New and old) for wanting to be a mass murdering psychopath to get income.

    Both sets of players lose massive amounts of gold. And new players lose far more experience than they'll gain if they hunt alone because they can't tank a hit because they're broke as a mofo and can't afford the hugely expensive curatives hunting will cost. You know... unless they decide to hunt the Teshen Caldera for the rest of their days and just never cure anything. So Unless the newbie is able to find someone to powerlevel them, they're gonna spend a fair bit of time hunting. Hell, Aereasentesh (I could be mispelling her name) died like 6-7 times I the Vortex last night and when we chart had mentioned she was getting superbly irritated with the xp loss she was accruing.

    So for BOTH sets of players (New and old) losing hours of work is incredibly frustrating, upsetting, disturbing, and heartwrenching. And then you get more upset because you lost all that time of work AND STILL need to refill your curatives even more as you attempt to regain what you just lost, accruing even more debt in a realm that provides you nothing but loss.

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    I mean, just for the sake of comparison:

    Imperian bashing currently has no stakes anymore. I am pretty sure they turned off XP loss. Reasons to bash? Aspect. Kinda like our endgame, except moon-focused and.. Imperian-y. My chars only ever got to 80 because it was my first mud and bashing was pain for me, when I was younger.

    Lusternia, you can do influence stuff as an alternative to bashing, but you can still lose either way. XP loss in the form of being embarrassed for fumbling your words. They also had Aethership stuff, which was one of the quick ways to drag newbies around for high xp gain, and Astral bashing. Goals: Demigod? Or was it Ascended? Yeah, it was something ridiculous like that. Starting your own cult and whatnot. To you. Tomi would dig that. Also, I think bashing is helpful for accruing your 'divine power' and such.

    Midkemia had no real curatives to speak of. Not really. Most of their curing were skills, so the only loss to bashing was the potential of death. I honestly don't think there was anything in the way of reward for bashing beyond like.. health and lessons. They had a lot of cool stuff, though.

    Achaea is very much like Aetolia, when it comes to bashing. They have higher gold yield for bashing, but there is a gold cap that limits the amount you can gain. (Mobs that yield 150-300 gold per kill start to only give like.. 15-30 gold.. or something like that. I have never ever reached the gold cap.) The primary goal of bashing is the Dragon thing. Basically a class/skillset designed to make you a more efficient basher by massively upping your audit. After you reach dragon, based on what I've heard, the goal for bashin becomes the acquisition of talismans and such, which is their equivalent to relics. Even if their gold wasn't a thing, they have some goals still.

    I mean, I recognize these are all different MUDs with different goals, different stories, and different populations/resources. My intent for this post is like.. perspective-driven. Also, I'm probably missing a fair bit of information, since Aetolia is the only one I've actually reached endgame in. The others are ones I've just seen people at endgame in.

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    As a recurring newbie to aetolia every few years I have to say my most recent return was a bit of a shock. Previously it was nice because guild members seemed to enjoy taking new folks bashing and bashing had a significant purpose for everyone  involved. This is no longer the case. Upon my most recent return I noticed this very rarely happens anymore. The strain is definitely most keenly felt by newbies as we don't have crafting to rely on or knowledge of the most valuable gold quests and we certainly don't have 100 credits to spare on the fishing skill with so many other skills we need to train. 
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    In case people were frustrated by this threat: Just so you know, I'm using these data -right now-.
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    Tiur said:

    In case people were frustrated by this threat: Just so you know, I'm using these data -right now-.

    Nearly killed the game with it!
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