RL Is Waiting Down a Dark Alley with a Billy Club and an Evil Laugh

MarienaMariena By a lake.
(I could title FOB songs, fr)

Okay guys in short, my play time has become even more sporadic than its become in recent weeks. My grandma's in the hospital (again, more serious this time) , on top of personal life events, on top of personal health events, on top of personal professional events, have just completely taken any free time I have and punched it in the face.

I am hoping to be back but I am uncertain. Let's be honest though, I divorced myself from most of everything. No one's expecting me to do anything so I don't know if anyone will specifically notice if I'm gone! Sorry there'll be less sandwiches in the game?

Luck, lovelies. <3



  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    (I clicked awesome because it is a heart icon and hearts and hugs felt like the appropriate response,  I hope everything smooths out!) 
  • I will miss your sandwiches. And you, even though we don't talk.

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