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    But really, frogs do have teeth! Some sharp, some not.

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    So this month's promo and the fireworks mishap made me develop a lore question. Catiana and Catarina. In the published timeline of sapience, it starts off calling her Catiana, then switched to Catarina for future references. In the lore book on the legend of Tiyen Indoran, she's called Catiana through the entire thing, and Catarina is never mentioned. Which name is the official lore name for Idar's bride? Or did her name change after the marriage or something or what? I been looking back at all that lore since the fireworks thing, and I can't make sense of it as is yet.
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    I will let my betters explain, but you have stumbled upon my mistake. I thought we were discussing two different people.
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    Her name is Catiana. Anything else is a misspelling.
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    I thought 'Catarina's Wheel' was just a reference to the 'Catherine's Wheel' torture device.
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