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Attention, all writers, roleplayers, and people with too much free time: I have a challenge for you. I will come up with three writing prompts, and I ask that you respond to at least one. Answers can be one sentence to several paragraphs, and can be silly or dramatic, so long as they are not mean-spirited toward any person or organization. Are you ready? Great!

The prompts:

1. A Sentinel, a Sentaari, a Syssin, and a Sciomancer walk into a tavern. Write the conversation that occurs as they negotiate the terms of a surrender.

2. You are a young novice in your guild, and your guildmaster comes with a request. It is the worst task you can imagine as a , though it is not banned by any of Aetolia's administrative rules. What is the task, and what is your response?

3. Golgotha, Lord of the Chaos Plane, appears in front of you and offers to give you your greatest desire in exchange for your greatest treasure. Regardless of whether you accept the deal, describe what he's asking for and what he's offering- or, write the conversation that occurs.

(Note that 'you' refers to your character, any of them you play or want to play)

Have fun!


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    Many years had passed, my coming of age brought me to find exploration and a place in this world. Was it typical of a Grook to travel so wild and free to find themselves, perhaps not in the past, but now in the diaspora in which the race exists, perhaps it does.

    It wasn't long before in my confusion and search for answers I found myself before the darkness, travelling around in hopes to find the truth, to find closure for the loss my people faced. The deal was simple; at first, we’d get to ask a couple of questions and he got to ask us a couple of questions. A bit odd if you ask me. What could The Chaos Lord himself possibly want to know from us? I couldn’t tell you.

    But the stench of burning cinders, brimstone, the sensation of darkness and Corruption stinging my flesh as I stood before his imposing form, I knew it was an opportunity, so I took it:

    “Is all this before us real?” I asked taking in the surreal environment with a curious glance around.

    “Yes,” he replied, his voice like dying embers in a fireplace, “and so are the hells should you cross me, Grook.”

    I paused, trembling a moment as I look upon the imposing form before me, but I continue to think of my one true question, desire. There is a moment where the words sit upon the edge of my tongue, but instead, else comes from my lips, a subtle croak of fear trembling on the guttural tone of my voice.

    “Why do we exist?”

    “Because your Gods need you.” he replies simply, scoffing in disgust at my fear

    There is a palpable silence as his form takes a moment of pause to study me, I am trembling in the darkness as his crimson eyes stare through my form, unaware of why I was chosen to stand before him, why was I chosen by him to be questioned...interviewed I think to myself. The moment passes, what seems like an eternity passes as each breath grows laboured, strained.

    “What’s it like?” he asked, his eyes perking up.

    “I’m sorry?”

    “What’s it like to be afraid?”

    A bit confused, I tried my best to describe the feeling of fear. My explanation was a bit clumsy but he appeared to be satisfied with it. I could not resist out of curiosity to prod further, to question in such an opportune instance of meeting.

    “Why’d you want to know that?” I asked.

    “Because when Chaos was created, I didn’t get the ability to feel fear. I can’t feel lots of things.”

    “What can you feel?”, I inquired, swallowing a moment.


    I too related to this, and in this moment I knew perhaps this being held empathy for me, perhaps they understood why I held such fear, such angst for the past before I even knew existence, but the pain my people have carried in their hearts now for years, a burden of mortality.

    "I too know pain, it is my one desire to find stop that pain."

    Again the words are swallowed as if spoken out of turn, I know not furthermore what I could say, it is like the filter from my mind to my mouth has been removed, honesty pouring from my lips before them.

    He smiles, laughs, the sensation is unsettling as he looks down upon my mortal form for a moment, "Then...Grook... I shall give you what you want, but you shall give Me something in return." he remarks, the expression unsettling, dishonest.

    "..any...rr...anything." I croak

    There is a sensation I have never felt, as if the world is closing in upon itself. Everything in my vision grows a deep crimson, like blood flowing over glass it washes away anything and I find myself dizzy, falling into an abyss of roiling waves of blood. I gasp and choke as the crimson fluid fills my lungs, the sensation tearing at my insides and filling my chest to bursting.

    I go to scream, but nothing comes out in the viscous fluid.

    The darkness fades, the sound of the seas and waves crashing upon the beach as I awaken.

    As I open my eyes, the light of the sun awakens me, in my fist is a dagger and there is a note in my other hand. I pull myself back into consciousness and take a moment to unfurl the parchment. The wax seal breaks away and a faint crimson mist swirls through the air as I take it off. Upon the parchment the words have been scribed; a contract:

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Penned by Golgotha, Lord of Chaos

    I, Oonagh, Grook of Enorian, of sound mind and body.

    Presented with this contract, before the Lord of Chaos, Himself

    Upon signing this contract, said above mortal is granted a single wish, as per the documented. It must use this wish after signing the contract—if it does not, the wish is wasted but it remains bound to the contract nevertheless. While the mortal chooses the intention of the wishes, the Lord decides upon the specifics, allowing for its own diabolical interpretation of the results should the mortal imprecisely phrase a wish.

    Breaking an Infernal Contract

    An agreement with a Lord of Chaos can only be broken in two ways. When a contract is signed, a second copy manifests; one copy is retained by the Lord and the other is given to the mortal. Mortals are free to do whatever they please with the lengthy, obviously evil documents, while Chaos Lords typically keep active contracts with them at all times. Should both copies of a contract be destroyed, any effects caused by the contract are canceled or reversed and the mortal’s soul goes to its normal place of rest after death and can be resurrected as normal.

    Merely absconding with both copies of the contract is not enough to break the contract—as long as both copies exist, the signer’s soul remains forever damned. Alternatively, a second mortal might be allowed to adopt the terms of a contract—with its soul replacing that of the original contract signer after death. The mortal who seeks to pay the debt of another must contact the Chaos Lord who holds the relevant contract.

    The Lord of Chaos shall allow one mortal to pay another’s debt in return for some service or proof of worth. If a contract devil agrees to accept another soul in payment, the original contract signer retains all of the benefits of the contract, but is released from damnation and may be returned from death as normal. The new signer, however, receives no benefits, cannot be returned to life upon dying, and spends an eternity in Chaos after death.

    Henceforth Agreement is as follows:

    Oonagh: Relenquished of will for said contract written above:

    Return of Ulangi, status and well being of Grook

    Golgotha, Lord of Chaos

    Domain over that of the Light, will of Enorian and Corruption rights therein


    Signed, Oonagh, Mortal of Sapience

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I gasp as I conclude reading the contract, but as if my will has been stripped I find myself drawing the dagger agross my fingertip, signing the contract in blood. My own selfish will striking me as a miasma of crimson energy engulfs my form and in a smattering of ash, the contract is finalized.

    I, now an agent of Chaos

    The contract, validated.
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    My name is Elliot, and I am a zealot of Enorian. My path is one of Light and discipline; I try my hardest to exemplify the virtues extolled by the gods of Spirit – especially Lady Ethne, Who I consider myself a follower of.

    This does not make me a perfect person.

    We, the Illuminai, have a ritual we undertake in which we must face the worst of our own character and rise above it.

    This is the Aiyr Qaepa – a necessary step in joining the Hialeab, fully recognised members of our cause.

    I have not yet undertaken this ritual. I am aware of my flaws, but I have not yet faced them. Or, I hadn’t. Now, I am struggling with myself.

    Golgotha, the Emperor of the Demons, a being which the Illuminai revile, has appeared before me. Not in any physical sense, of course. That would have been easier for me, I think. It would have been too direct for me to even consider speaking with him. Instead, he lingers in the haven of my mind. When my thoughts wander, he is there, whispering promises and demanding fealty, robbing me of sleep and peace.

    I cannot bring myself yet to cast him out. Although his voice grates like nails being dragged along my spine, his words are seductive – he tells me of power denied even to their Indorani followers, open to my taking – if only I serve as his vassal in the Beacon.

    Though his suggestions disgust me and my morals, I am weak. I do not know if it is my own sloth or something he has instilled in me, but such a quick path to power tugs at me, like iron to lodestone. I am infected. Even my own thoughts have begun to ring with the echo of his whispers – what if this power brings me to greatness I could not achieve under my own strength? What if I use it for the cause of Light? Could such a perversion of my values be redeemed through channelling it to positive ends?

    I wonder if this is what Catiana felt, faced with the might of Chakrasul and the desire to save her love from Corruption, even though she knew that it was wrong.

    The tale of Catiana also teaches that performing a dark thing for the sake of love is still an act of corruption, not benevolence. I know that this is the truth.

    Still, I rationalise.

    I wonder if I am lost already, and merely clinging to who I was by my fingertips.

    My name is Elliot. Please help me.
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    Oh damn @Oonagh ninja'd me with a better one
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    Elliot said:

    Oh damn @Oonagh ninja'd me with a better one

    As a humble frogs opinion,

    Ones writing is not better, it is just different in style and composition, I loved your story.
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    Those were great! I love how @Oonagh's ended, and how understandable it was that he'd sign the contract. And I like the way you write, @Elliot.
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