Aetolian throwback thread.



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    Elene said:

    Well, I was trying to draw Kikon as a purple Xorani holding his mage staff and breathing fire.... but I guess he turned out like Barney.

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    I love when people get drawings of what's just described as "markings" or "numbers" or what have you. They're one of the hardest things to visualize, but when you see them you realize how simple they can be.

    More than that, seeing Aetolian script is a great world-building tool.

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    My first char was a forestal and made a joke in front of Acino and his gang of thuds at the SSI. I was so sure I was going to get killed that my hands were shaking as I wrote. Ended up with me getting a stamp of approval for the day and a free pass to leave.

    Also, this is my favorite rp log ever.
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    That picture be Laelio is one of my all time favourites. It brings back such happy memories of how much fun I had with @Sryaen, @Kadvar and @Desian.

    - I was a true noob and like a trunub I got so lost in the immersion of the game. I remember my first event when the novice bashing area with pixies and kobolds got changed over. I was there with the rest of the Lighters and just stood by in terror whilst the combat went on as I had no idea what to do.

    - Bloodborn rituals and the consequences if you interrupted certain ones. One would blow the individual up in a haze of blood. Another would change the sex of the player. On one occasion this happened to Kadvar and we adopted one of Sryaens alts. It was hilarious to us at least. I remember crying with laughter.

    - Killing 10+ people on a frequent basis during group fights. Though I used it to good effect in 1v1 and found a bug once fighting Povox where his biles kept triggering it even after he was dead.

    - There being three decent areas to bash to endgame and having to compete with everyone to try and get there for the repop.

    - Ashtan. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

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    I remember walking into Sehal as it was being rebuilt, in preparation of the event that changed it from Minia. "Someone Powerful" had me gently removed and I was promised not to speak of what I had seen.

    My favorite memory from Ashtan, except for the generally awesome people, was when Grulg got into a fight at the Breakwater Tavern, killed a drunk imp, another drunk died by accident and there were a whole lot of investigations to find out if the Imp was a citizen and if Grulg should be punished. He ended up getting in a fight with the Horkval chef and was killed by guards. Loads of fun and utter chaos!
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    Vampire rituals still blow you up. Trust me, we had a bit of a kerfluffle with the unity blood bonding thing mid 2017...
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    Making trap catapult lines dozens of rooms long from a city gate into the volcano
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    Not sure if it existed here or not, but Trample.

    Arc curare > trample spam from the rest of the group.
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    Going down into azdun before it became siha dylis and making all the goblins aggro me and getting them into one room and then one hitting them one after another with combos.

    So satisfying.

    Being too afraid as a true newbie to go walking the road, especially around NoT, at night for fear of being mauled and eaten by vampires.  

    Belladona before she came to Enorian and then after when she got murdered by big Z.

    When you'd go and attack big Z and he would chase you to the ends of the world.

    When Duiran hated Enorian because of Civilization vs. the Wilds and they would actually go to war and Ashtan was that weird neutral party you'd be trying to convince to pick a side.

    All hail Desian the God-King. 

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    Omg I bashed Goblins almost exclusively for like 40 levels.

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    Waking up in a cold sweat when you realize tomorrow is Eireachdus and you haven't prepared anything for the event.
    Some may say we've lost our way, but I believe we've not gone far enough.
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    Mihaketi said:
    Kiyotan posting in this thread is the definition of an Aetolian throwback.
    I figured you'd appreciate the irony
    Some may say we've lost our way, but I believe we've not gone far enough.
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    We miss u stop having a life
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    Miss y'all too. Started playing a game called Grand Kingdom and named all my characters after Aetolians, and it made me nostalgic. <3
    Some may say we've lost our way, but I believe we've not gone far enough.
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    Didja miss me too? >.> Probably not.
    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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