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Every so often, we come across an interesting fact up in the Pools that momentarily makes us go 'huh' or 'neat'. I thought when they come up, why don't we share them with you all as well so you can join us in that feeling!

Here's our first one:

The most used predefined emote in the game is 'grab', and represents 8.04% of emotes used. 'Smile' comes in at second with 7.19%, and 'grin' third with 5.01%. These three are used far more than any other emote, with the next closest to them being ponder, at 2.52%.


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    Who even uses grab is someone out there spamming it slanting the effect.
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    Mine is probably NARROW.
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    Worth noting that this isn't going to be truly accurate, since some predefined emotes are hard-coded outside the emote system (either because they predate the system, or they do something special), and thus we don't have a tally for them. Examples would include things like agree, nod, and greet which would probably be really high.
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    I think "GRAB" shouldn't count either, because I know exactly one quest that is extremely popular that makes use of GRAB as doing something special to fulfill quest conditions. I'm not naming it, I'm not describing it. I am just going to indicate that it's there, and when I am doing the quest, I have an alias that spams the crap out of "grab" until I either succeed, or the target of "Grab" isn't in the room anymore

    edit: and when I say spams the crap out of grab, I'm talking 30+ times, if not MORE for particularly petulant targets
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    After reading the last thread, I have to ask:

    So with all the time that has passed, is the Kerrithrim mob still locked up in its Pandora's box room, or did someone get rid of it to prevent the accidental release and nastiness that would follow?
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    Zaila said:
    DID YOU KNOW: Aetolian players are more concerned with perceived factual accuracy than interesting data on its own right?
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