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AliyasAliyas Member Posts: 3
Feeling nostalgic. Found some old RPK logs, do these names still ring bells for anyone playing or running the best game I've ever played?

Thinking about coming back, interested in the state of affairs.


  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie BraavosMember Posts: 2,094 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wow. Aliyas is one of the people I remember from when I FIRST started playing in the Atabahi. Before I heard of clients and systems, I used to watch you PK at NoT and was like HOW DOES HE TYPE THAT FAST.

  • AliyasAliyas Member Posts: 3
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    Ayyy @Arbre, definitely remember you. What is PK like now? Desian still around? Benedicto? Osifer??

    Jaw and Claw, Aliyas the Monster as a werewolf :D Aliyas was my first 'real' character on Aet.

    I had a really basic system only my healing/passive offense was ever automated. I do type rly rly fast thanks to Aetolia, but my offense was entirely aliases. Lots and lots of aliases for any and every combination I could conceive of with whatever class I was using.
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    I have a tiny little memory of my first character being involved in the Shadow gate event on Mostyn and running into Tyriik. Nothing big, just a passing by, but still a name I remember well!
  • AliyasAliyas Member Posts: 3
    I remember the bloodbath at the Shadowgate but not the significance of it. I remember it was fun. 

    I miss being a villain. 
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    Bros 4 lyfe!
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