Tethers and Conversion



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    This was amusing, but now it's not. While I normally dance and cackle with glee at strife and disruption...

    I'll end this. But here's what we're taking away:

    Not everyone is super comfortable with the costs when moving from a class to a really similar class. I get that. In all honesty, Sciomancer/Ascendril reskin/changes are on my schedule. My schedule is pretty saturated, but there you go.

    Some people miss being able to be a sort of 'fallen' version of their class. That's not a terrible idea, and we -could- provide optional reskins of classes that let them switch tethers. It would actually help balancing a smidge, because we wouldn't have quite so many "nerf Shadow, nuh uh, nerf Spirit" classleads. But I have nowhere on the schedule to fit it. You guys will have to express to me through some other means how important you want that to be.

    Also, anyone who takes forum stuff IC will explode.
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