Breaking Continues.

This is a continuation of recent things unfolding among the followers of @Chakrasul. Lately I've been helping people get past issues by breaking them. What follows is a log of the latest such event, this one a pretty fun ritual that I created. Has some graphic violence to it. Also the other participant wanted to remain anonymous, so we shall name them Betty.

The divine binding agent:
This strand of jet hair smells of chakra blossoms and decay. Upon close
inspection, a jade glimmer runs along the length of the lock in the perfect
amount of light.

The recepticle to hold the enchantment:
This ring has been made from a dark cord of bloodwood. Carved into the outside
of the ring are bright red words in Tsol'aa script. Several interlocking spirals
are also carved into the wood, interweaving with the words. The crimson wood
swirled with shadow blends flawlessly into the same shading of the large
sanguinite gem positioned at the crest of the ring. When seen from above the
swirling shadows in the sanguinite gem make up a near perfect spiral. The spiral
itself seems to have a faint muted glow coming from beneath it, the light
randomly shifting between amethyst and jade as the spiral progresses. On all
sides of the sanguinite spiral a taerzseralla has been inlaid, the shades
shifting while green and purple remain the most dominant. These gems appear to
have been hollowed out in the middle and filled with a crimson liquid before
being sealed to the bloodwood ring.
Engraved on it are the words:
Dusko ye Kuy Du. Bimre ye Dusko. Ive sota Wona Kuy yena Bimre sota Dusko.

The ritualist tool:
Wrought of one seemingly solid piece of silver, this delicate knife stretches
little more than a hand's length from the pommel to the needle-sharp point.
There is no guard, save for an inch where the tarnished silver flattens to
accomodate the join of the blade and hilt. A thirteen-pointed star has been
subtly etched there on one side, mirroring a trail of five duskywing butterflies
on the other that have been inscribed in such a fine hand as to be barely
visible except under close scrutiny. On either side, a narrow groove spans the
length of the weapon, spiralling smoothly from the tip of the double-edged blade
and through the slender handle. A cord of worn, faded leather has been wrapped
and tied securely into the groove on the hilt, provided some measure of a grip.
The spiral continues on the rounded pommel, the groove becoming finer as the
thread-thin etching shrinks into a seemingly endless descent.

The container of items:
The opening of the box is banded in iron, with a latch that takes the shape of a
dagger thrust through a symbolic heart. The size of the enclosure is enough for
a Human version of the organ, though the shape of the box is conventionally
paned, not tailored to the measurements. The chamber is lined in crimson velvet,
and the make is ebony wood.

The Setting:
The Grand Chamber of Rituals. (Isle of Despair.)
This beautiful, dark chamber has been constructed in the shape of a hemisphere,
the arched ceiling painted the exact colour of the midnight sky. Constellations
represented by glowing points of light are scattered over its surface, though
their familiar shapes seem somehow off, as if their alignment has been shifted
for some unknown purpose. A round altar made of black quartz stands at the
center of the chamber, its interior hollowed out to hold a roaring green flame.
Obviously magical in its origin, the tongues of the flame emanate cold rather
than heat, and their flickering light does little to illuminate the chamber.
Strange symbols and hexagrams cover the floor in an intricate pattern of silver,
and the heavy smell of incense reigns here, smoky tendrils curling over
snake-shaped braziers set into the walls. A simple brazier is here, ready to be
lit for the next ritual. Standing prominent at the center of the room is an
impressive altar made from what looks to be black quartz. A malachite pentagram
is embedded into the soil here, shimmering with an inner light. There are 5
black candles here. There are 5 green candles here. There are 2 darkened souls
here. The Candle of Malice lies here The Candle of Fear lies here The Candle of
Power lies here

You put a pinch of dragon's blood incense into a simple brazier.

Tina takes out some pieces of green and purple coal, and feeds
them into the fire of the main altar, than motions towards the quartz one she
placed the box at.

You say, "Strip down, and lay on the altar, on your back.

Betty nods once in silence, not looking too enthused about the order to strip
down. Still, she does so obediently, wrapping tendrils of ambient shadow around
herself to hide her body.

After seeing you heed her instructions Tina turns around and
begins walking around the altar, stopping at spots to drop candle and incense,
lighting them. She alternates between black and green candles, though three
stand out as different from all the rest. You realize she is tracing a thirteen
pointed star. As she makes her slow walk, you can hear her chanting things in
various different languages.

Betty flies over to lay on the altar, keeping her back oriented away from you
as she does so. Once she's on her back, she relaxes somewhat, though her
breathing is faster than usual. She listens to the chanting, trying to pick out
the words.

You say, in Djeri, "What lies ahead and lies within, for all the goals, the goal

You say, in Djeri, "To see, to know, to feel, to be - the simplest riddle of the

You say, in Djeri, "The riddle of the darkest mage, the question of the lightest
priest, has meaning always, yet has not."

A thin band of smoke uncoils from the incense cone as it burns, perfuming the
air with the earthy aroma of sandalwood.

You say, in Djeri, "For any answer soon must fail - in death will end what was
in death begot."

You say, in Djeri, "The Sightless Eye shall pass the fields of Death."

A thin band of smoke uncoils from the incense cone as it burns, perfuming the
air with the pungent aroma of myrrh.

You say, in Djeri, "Where, come one night, my soul will rest."

You shall now speak in Dwarf.
You say, in Dwarf, "Blade of fire, blade of ice. Where has gone your once bright
power? Darkness shapes your every smite. Blood replaces fragrant flowers."

You say, in Dwarf, "Blade of pleasure, blade of pain. Long since your return was
seen. Will you serve the right or wrong? Or become what once has been?"

You say, in Dwarf, "Blade of darkness, blade of light. Weighted down by mortal
chains. Comes the day when chains are broken. Comes the day when they'll know

You say, in Dwarf, "When the sleepy falls to death. When the cursed shall walk
its corpse. Then within its rotted heart. Will your power be unearthed."

Betty frowns in silence as she listens, comprehending the words but not the
meaning of the statements. She waits, silent and almost expectant, hands
fluttering nervously at her sides as she lays vulnerable upon the altar.

You say, in Ogre, "Demon in my ear."

You say, in Ogre, "Evil on my breath."

You say, in Ogre, "My lips brings death."

As Tina finishes speaking the thirteen line she looks back at
the altar. She looks perturbed, and you see her open her mouth wide. A great
gout of flame spews forth from her lips, rushing over your body and toasting you
with it's closeness. You can feel your hairs smoldering. When the fire dies down
and you can see again, you realize she's used her firebreathe to light the
incense in the brazier next to the altar.

Betty breathes out sharply and presses herself as close to the altar as she
can get to avoid the fire.

Tina walks over to altar and pulls out a smudge bundle. She
lights it from the brazier and begins waving it over your naked form, and the
box she placed next to it.

You carefully ignite the smudge, kindling sparks upon one end.

Scents of fresh blooms, basil, and chicory air as you wave the smudge in
distinct patterns, a refreshing breeze stirring to follow your movements.

Tina moves to the end of the altar where your head is, leaning
down to whisper in your ear, "The contract for this rite is simple. You will
bring all you have to it. And I will take what's mine."

You ask, "Agreed?"

Quietly, Betty says, "Agreed."

Tina whispers, "Good, the deal is struck."

Tina kisses you on the forehead, then stands back up, but holds
out her hand expectantly.

You say, "The last item I require is your soulstone."

Betty frowns softly. She eyes you warily for a moment before shrugging once.
With a word, she unifies it and hands the stone over.

Tina puts some godstongue, zhikta, and auguryseeds in the
mortar. She grinds them all till they reach a fine paste. She uncorks a phial of
your blood, and pours it in, mixing it all together until she has a sticky mess
that's very smell burns your nose.

Betty wrinkles her nose slightly at the smell, looking wary.

You ask, "Do you need to be bound, or can you restrain yourself?"

Quietly, Betty says, "Depends on your plan."

Tina licks her lips and sounds positively giddy as she utters a
single word, "Pain."

Betty closes her eyes, taking a deep, slow breath. "Bind me," she says, her
voice barely there. Her ears curl downward.

Tina tugs your left arm away from your body and ties it down to
the corner of the altar with leather straps conveniently positioned there. She
moves to each corner of the altar, securing your limbs there one by one.

Betty starts to tremble as she's bound. She makes no protest and does not
fight, however, simply waiting to see what will happen.

Tina lifts up the large mortar and holds it above your face.
You think for a moment you see a ghost of a smile pass over Tina's lips, but
your vision is soon obscured as the burning liquid falls on your face and fills
your eyes. You can feel the burning liquid flowing over your body as she moves
the mortar down, covering your entire body from head to toes in it. The liquid
begins pooling on the altar under you, till you are thoroughly drenched in it.
As the mortar finally empties she carelessly tosses it over her shoulder, it's
purpose served and having no interest anymore. The heavy shattering sound of the
marble hitting the hard flood behind her jarring you back to your senses. After
careful blinking you manage to clear enough of the fluid away from your eyes to
see again.

Betty instinctively screws her eyes shut as best she can as the fluid comes
toward her face, to no avail as some gets in her eyes. She draws in a short,
sharp gasp as the liquid coats her before letting out a string of profanity in
Nazetu. This string is cut short as the fluid gets in her mouth and she spits
rapidly, trying to get it out. She lets out a rattling hiss and writhes on the

A playful breeze carries trails of the smudge's smoke, chasing around you as you
sway your arm in a wide arc. Basil, fresh blooms, rain, and chicory dance upon
your senses, soon fading as the breeze rushes away.

Tina holds up her left hand. She extends her index finger and
thrusts it into the flame she fed the colored coal into earlier. You watch as
the skin and muscles dissolve before your eyes, not burning in the flames as
much as flaking off and decaying. Soon, all that's left of her finger is a
blackened bone. Her face shows signs of sweat, but she makes no motions or
noises of discomfort. Instead a strangely pleased smile is on her face. She
pulls back her hand, the tip still burning with a purple flame. She bites her
lip and sucks on it, getting a mouthful of blood and spitting it on her finger,
finally dousing the flame. With her blackened bone finger still smoldering and
covered in her blood, she approaches your body and begins carving runes all over
your body in the liquid, including many kalsu phrases. Bimre, dusko, wona kuy,
and ive seem to be the most common.

Betty closes her eyes, flinching. She breathes roughly as the runes are
carved into her form, seeming to will herself into silence. Her hands clench
into fists. Her toes curl tightly. The small woman refuses to scream. Instead,
she opens her eyes, the glow of them fading somewhat as she retreats inward
partially, an instinctive defense that she fights.

Tina licks her finger, cleaning it off of the burning liquid
and the mixed blood.

Tina holds her hands above you, each one containing a

Tina begins striking the two stones together like they were
flint and iron and she was trying to start a fire. She strikes them back and
forth, with every impact you can feel it vibrating with your own soul, tearing
apart. The pain blossoms deep in the core of you, and with a blinding flash the
stones fracture, a long piece of each breaking off. Still she doesn't stop, and
keeps striking them together till a second piece chips off. She gathers her
shards in a pile to her left, and yours in a pile to her right.

Betty lets out a soft snarl as you strikes her soulstone, the sound deepening
to a full feral growl when her soulstone chips. This draws a physical reaction
from the tiny sticklike Idreth: she tries to attack, only to be hindered by the
leather restraints. "CEASE that!" she snarls.

You say, "I'm not done taking what's mine yet. You'll get yours."

In a low growl, Betty says, "My soul is -mine-. It is all that has ever
-been- mine."

You say, "Nothing is ours, but what we take for ourselves."

Tina places her right hand over the two shards she broke off
from your soulstone, chanting, " Dusko ye Kuy Du. Bimre ye Dusko." She moves her
left hand over her own fragments, her sweating face pale though she continues to
lick her lips, smiles occasionally ghosting across her face. You realize she
must be feeling the same pain as you from the soulstones, but somehow she seems
to be enjoying it. With her hand over her own shards, she chants, "Wona Kuy yena
Bimre sota Dusko."

As Tina finishes chanting, the shards begin to pulse in green
and black shades. You notice the runes painted on you are pulsing in time with
the shards. The pain seems to recede some and you feel a tingling grow in your
body. Not of pain, but something else.

Betty starts to relax somewhat as she begins to feel something other than
pain. She closes her eyes for a moment, likely to discern just what that
sensation is, before she opens her eyes again. She fixates on you, her ophidian
fangs lowered. A rattling hiss escapes her again before she takes in another
short sharp breath.

You start to wield a delicate, spiral-etched athame in your left hand.

Tina closes her eyes and begins chanting under her breath. You
can't help but notice the sickeningly sweet stench of decay fill your nose. A
black aura begins to emanate from the athame she wields. She opens the box
that's been resting next to you soaked in the fluids of the ritual. She removes
a strand of hair that only increases the smell of decay in the room, and it
flashes jade. She lays the strand of hair on the altar and places the athame in
the middle of it. The end of the hair begins to blacking and shrivel before
falling apart, leaving two strands of the hair. The hair not cut but rotted
through. She mixes up the shards of the soulstone so one piece of hers is next
to yours. She continues chanting as she ties the pieces together with the hair.
The hair digs into the soulstone, cutting it like steel. She does the same with
the other two shards, and ties them together as well. She places them down on
the altar next to you. She places a hand over each bundle, and begins to chant
louder, "Dusko ye Kuy Du. Bimre ye Dusko. Ive sota Wona Kuy yena Bimre sota

Tina places her hand over your left chest, sensing for
something. She shifts her hand around a bit, then traces a circle around it with
her athame, your skin blackening in rot as the flesh decays. She also makes X's
at four spots on the circle. The traces a larger X through the entire circle.
Her right hand is covered in a black flame as she shoves it into your chest
where she made her makings, flaying back your skin in the circle in the X shape,
peeling back muscle and skin in four flaps. Her hand quickly severs the ribs as
well, used to vivisection as she exposes your beating heart. She pulls her hand
back, the aura fading as she rubs her hands together greedily, looking down at
the mess before her.

Betty snarls and tries to pull away as you begins to cut her skin, yelling
obscenities at full voice, her chosen language Nazetu as always. She tries to
fight, even, to claw and to kick but she finds herself hindered by leather once
more. As a last ditch effort, she tries to bite you, but even that fails thanks
to the restraints. A gutteral yell issues forth from her as her beating heart is
exposed. The organ beats rapidly, adrenaline flowing, her fight or flight
instincts engaged.

While you are in tremendous pain you can't help but notice it
isn't as much as it should be, and the tingling of the other feeling in you
keeps becoming stronger. The longer the two shards are held together, the more
you feel a leaching, and you can't help but notice Tina's feelings are slowly
leeching over into you. Her delight in the pain, her enjoyment in reveling in
it. She picks up one of the bundled shards, and jams it into your chest. She
doesn't pierce your heart but makes sure it is touching it directly. As she
adjusts it she accidentally nicks one of your heart's arteries. The blood gushes
out and covers her face. Her tongue slinks out sinuously and licks the blood
free from her eyes, leaving the rest of her face bathed in it. She channels
essence into the artery and quickly seals it. With each beat of your heart, it
draws the bundle shard in deeper and deeper. Once satisfied it is secured, she
removes her hand and folds the four flaps of skin back in place over your heart,
what blackened and twisted remains of them are left.

Betty calms somewhat as the newer feelings rush over her, the delight in the
pain, the revelment. It causes her to pause and analyze things. Her calm goes
right out the window, however, at the sight of arterial spray and the sight of
your tongue. "WHAT THE PIT?!" she shouts, startled and dismayed. "That's THREE
of you with that freak tongue! Yuck!!" Of all the things to focus on, of all the
things to yell about, the -tongue- is what the woman chooses.

Tina takes the other bundle of shards and jabs it into her
chest, uncaring of damage to her unbeating and unneeded heart. She howls as the
shards pierce her heart, but seemingly more of pleasure than pain. She rocks
back and forth a few times as she inches the shards in, eventually burying it
completely beneath her skin. As she does you feel the emotions being linked.
Fear giving way to desire. Pain becoming pleasure. The feelings war back and
forth in you, going back and forth before finally settling.

Tina takes a ring from the box and rubs it in the liquid pooled
on the altar, then your own blood. You notice the crimson liquids filling the
gems of the ring. She places the ring on the middle of your chest, where the
four flaps of skin meet.

Tina watches as the ring begins to pulse in time and color with
the runes on your skin, and the shard deep in both your chests. Eventually the
other lights fade, and only the ring remains, faintly glowing on your chest.

Tina walks around the altar, slowly untying your limbs one by
one. As she walks around you she says a final chant.

You say, in Nazetu, "Tainted and warped by my hand. Twice now you have been
baptized to be tainted. Arise to view the world with new eyes, and spread the
seeds. Awaken others as you have been awakened. Fear is desirable. Pain is a
pleasure. Revel in them as I do, then make them your own."

Betty lays back and breathes, feeling the blood run profusely from her body.
She closes her eyes and wills it to cease, the blood flow thickening as it
coagulates and then ceases. The sting of the ring touching damaged flesh draws
her back to reality and she watches the pretty lights, a bit dazed for the
moment. Something clicks in her eyes at that moment and she watches you with a
distinctly predatory gaze.



  • Thank you for sharing that very creepy ritual!

    The part that stuck with me the most was you putting out the flame on your skeleton finger with your own blood.

    I also thought betty did a great job reacting to what was happening to her.
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